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Author Topic: Spain: Court Declares it is Illegal to Refuse to Buy Jewish Products

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So you're in Barcelona doing a bit of shopping and you come to the olive section of the store. On the shelves there's Greek olives, Italian olives, Spanish olives and Israeli olives. Well, when in Spain ... BUT WAIT! Your preference for Spanish grown olives may be perceived as if you are personally boycotting Israeli products, and that is now a crime in Spain.

What do you do?

What does the entire world do? Are all olive groves across the world to be burned to the ground because the international olive growth and production industry clashes with Israel's declaration that anyone refusing not to buy an Israeli product is anti-Semitic?

You think that's an over-reaction? Just wait until the Jewish Mafia take over your local supermarket chain and then you'll really see what's what.

In the meantime, enjoy your Israeli grown "Valencia" oranges you purchased from your local supermarket, and have a good day.


Spanish Court Declares Local Boycott of Israel Illegal

Lidar Grav Lazi | Jerusalem Post | 3 January 2017

Extract: A Spanish court in Santiago de Compostela issued a decision declaring that a boycott against Israel passed by the city council is illegal.

The legal proceedings against the council were filed by Angel Mas, president of ACOM, a pro-Israel Spanish organization.

Santiago de Compostela is the capital of the northwestern Spanish autonomous region of Galicia. In November 2015, the City Council of Santiago passed a resolution proclaiming the city a “free space from Israeli apartheid,” and affiliating the council with the BDS movement.

As part of the boycott decision, the city council announced it would refrain from any cooperation with Israel, its public bodies and officials in areas including agriculture, education, trade, culture or security. The council also agreed to support the BDS movement in every campaign for trade, cultural, sports, academic or institutional boycotts.

This legal win is one of a string of recent successes by ACOM in combating the BDS movement in Spain, including reversing discriminatory decisions in Sant Adriá (Barcelona), Santa Eulalia (Ibiza) and now Santiago.

However, ACOM stressed that the battle is far from over, as this week alone the provincial government of Valencia, which represents some 2.5 million people, unanimously voted for a motion to discriminate against Israel.
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