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Author Topic: Melbourne Cup: American Niggers Racially Vilify White Australians for Having Fun

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What's this nigger's problem? Is he upset with the fact that there are no nappy-head crack whores, shootings, stabbings, muggings or rapes? Or is it just that White people - even as far away as in Australia - letting their guard down and having a good time without fear of racially motivated mob violence is more than a nigger can bear?

Personally, I refuse to involve myself with gambling and racing events. If I had my way, I'd ban horse and dog racing (for the good of the animals) ... but really, what business is it of any sh*tskin septic how White Australian or White American people enjoy themselves? Hey Nigger, try looking to your own bestial, decadent culture of filth before you throw any stones.

Google Images: Drunk Black African


The Melbourne Cup Is Decadent And Depraved

Billy Haisley | Deadspin | 2 November 2016


You may have read Hunter S. Thompson’s famous article recounting the rampant debauchery at the Kentucky Derby and thought you’d glimpsed the true, beating heart of insane white people *. But you’d have been mistaken. It’s not until you see these photos of the Melbourne Cup, Australia’s most drunken and depraved horse racing event, that you can really understand just how out of hand the whites can get.

The Melbourne Cup is similar to the United States’ Kentucky Derby, in that it is Australia’s most prestigious horse race. Also like the Kentucky Derby—both of which follow the proud British tradition of getting equal parts dolled and *ed up at horse races—it is a perfect event for young and old alike to don their finest of outfits and guzzle copious amounts of alcohol. The entire state of Victoria even gets the day off from work, since Melbourne Cup day has been decreed an official local holiday.

There is a lot of booze. There is a lot of littering. There is a lot of smiling. There is, for whatever reason, a whole lot of falling/lying on the ground.

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The article has attracted a whole lot of attention with many Kentucky Derby goers a bit offended that Melbourne Cup could even be considered more depraved than them.

“Anyone who thinks this is MORE debaucherous than the Derby hasn’t done the Derby correctly. Or been invited to the right before and after-parties. Or done Oaks AND Derby both in one weekend. Tourists.”

Another proud Derby goer posted a video of herself mud wrestling at the race in a bikini.

Other commenters talked about booking flights and tickets for next year’s events. And many seemed suitably impressed and entertained by the photos.

Quote from: Hidden to Guests
This year felt different.

Yes, there was still plenty of ‘colour’. There were still people who had over indulged, women who had shunned their shoes and poorly executed piggy back rides. But the ugly stuff – the violence and the vomiting in bushes - seemed to be largely diminished in 2016.

It certainly looked like there was an increased police presence this year which may have kept a lid on the debauchery. The police on site were reluctant to comment on crowd behaviour, saying that it’s hard to ascertain the overall behaviour when you’ve been stationed in one spot all day.
Later on, nine people were reportedly arrested at the Melbourne Cup Carnival at Flemington today.

Seven people were arrested for drunk, one in relation to assault and one in relation to trafficking a drug of dependence. Between police and security staff, 78 people were evicted.

But the atmosphere certainly seemed more controlled than previous years.

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THE good Samaritan who won hearts across Australia after interrupting Channel Nine’s live racing coverage on Melbourne Cup day to announce she’d found a lost wallet has resurfaced this morning on the Today show.

Shae Miller, an office manager in Brisbane, left veteran journalist Phil Willmington stunned yesterday when she walked into his live cross from the Eagle Farm racecourse and demanded he help her track down the owner of the wallet and its contents — a whole three dollars.


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