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Author Topic: What Does Nigger Failure Tell Us About The Shït Skin Nigger

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Over the past several months in America, there’s been an on-going discussion in the media over the disproportionate levels of crime that the nigger’s  commit in contrast to other racial groups. It’s pretty hard to deny that our inner-cities have become infested with crime, drugs, and an astronomical murder rate committed almost exclusively by nigger’s (especially in places like Atlanta, Chicago and Detroit).

The problem has gotten so out of hand that even the nigger leaders have finally started to concede that their communities are insanely dysfunctional, and that nigger’s are almost always the perpetrators as well as the victims of such crime. Nigger’s, in other words, victimize their own race in great numbers, none of which is caused by whites or racial prejudice.

Liberals, as expected, blame the growing problem of nigger crime on poverty, lack of federal funding for education, unemployment, not enough government services to help * skin families, including the ever-present ‘institutionalized racism’ that has managed to ‘disenfranchise’ millions of * skins  from the American dream. Liberals emphasize the ‘legacy of slavery’ as the dominant factor that has caused many street apes  not succeed. Nigger’s who adhere to the liberal mindset see themselves and their people as perpetual ‘victims’ of the white man who governs a ‘system’ that favors whites over the * skin nigger’s.
A host of conservatives, on other other hand, have argued that the * skin  nigger muds dysfunction is due to the break-up of the nigger’s family, the liberal welfare state which virtually encourages irresponsibility and rewards single motherhood as well as the ghetto nigger’s culture that far too many * skin nigger’s identify with. Conservatives emphasize the mud ape’s culture and government welfare as the primary factors that have led to the nigger’s  failure in America. The nigger’s who adhere to a conservative outlook tend to take a greater responsibility for their attitudes and  actions. They generally stop blaming whites for their own personal failures. They also come to realize that their former liberal worldview kept them dependent on government, always looking to the state for their advancement in our society.

On this question, liberals have gotten it all wrong. Government aid to hostile * skin nigger’s  in the form of welfare and various ‘programs,’ though perhaps well-intentioned, has greatly contributed to most of the problems that niggers in America have experienced for the past 45 years.

Conservatives, in contrast to liberals, have gotten it mostly correct, but not all of it. They’re right that modern scum nigger’s ghetto’s,  and there culture is degrading and actually promotes a mindset that’s destructive. They’re also right that America’s welfare state has kept the trash nigger on the ‘government plantation,’ preventing them from maturing and succeeding in life as other racial groups have.

Neither liberals nor conservatives, however, have bothered to consider that maybe black dysfunction is due to the nature of these people. In other words, blacks do what they do because it’s who they are. To put it another way, the rotten, degrading ghetto culture of blacks, including their uncivilized and dysfunctional ways, is but a reflection of who these people are inherently. They produce so much destruction and societal problems wherever they reside in large numbers, and no matter how much resources are spent attempting to bring them to educational and economic parity with whites, they always manage to screw it up.

I’m not denying the role of culture in helping to form black deviancy, but only that it’s not the sole cause of their problems. There are variety of complex social, psychological, innate traits, and biological elements that together have contributed. It’s naive, in my view, to think that blacks can be reformed simply by means of more educational funding, minor changes to their culture, and more federal ‘poverty programs.’ History has proven that such well-intentioned efforts fail time after time. 

After spending billions fighting the ‘war on poverty’ that was aimed directly at helping blacks, these people still have the highest levels of unemployment throughout the U.S. The uncomfortable truth is that black men are generally very lazy. Of course there are exceptions, and I’m certainly not saying that all of them can be characterized in this way. Still, there’s a reason for the stereotype that views blacks as lazy and unmotivated workers. A good portion of them would prefer to remain on welfare than to actively secure a job, especially if that job is entry level or pays only minimum wage. Mexicans and Asians, in contrast, are generally eager to work such low-paying jobs because they’re able to see them as stepping stones to something better. But not so for many blacks.

Billions more have been spent by our federal government in various ‘programs’ to help black students academically succeed. Yet, after all these years, with everyone working frantically to assist blacks, their high school dropout rates exceed every other racial group. Very few blacks attend college much less graduate with a degree. Why haven’t the enormous efforts that whites have exhausted to help blacks socially and economically paid off? What sort of people are these who require so much yet produce so little? 

White conservatives don’t usually spend much time with blacks. They don’t often associate with blacks other than what they share at their place of employment. They don’t usually live in the same neighborhoods. They rarely ever see blacks in their natural environment or setting. Thus, they tend to think of blacks based on what they see on TV sitcoms and movies. Little of it is based in reality. Most often, such shows are sanitized versions of how blacks talk and act packaged for a white viewership (consider The Cosby Show). When they read of black crime, they tend to view it in terms of what welfare and liberalism has done to blacks rather than seeing it as springing from their character, their innate qualities, and the sort of shady proclivities that come natural to them.

Blacks, on average, have low IQs. This has been demonstrated time and time again through various research studies, including SAT scores that consistently show little improvement. The development of the mind through intellectual and academic pursuits is not the mark of most blacks. Blacks who value education do so because they have been influenced by whites. Left to themselves, however, it’s not a natural interest of theirs. This explains why there are very few black scientists, black doctors, black mathematicians, and black engineers throughout the world compared to the numbers of whites and Asians in the same professions.

It’s important to note, however, that having a low IQ is no excuse for a life of crime or thuggery. Lots of people who may not be academically inclined or who possess low IQs are able to effectively function in society. In no way are they compelled to be criminals merely because their intelligence is less than others.
Blacks are impulsive, and they don’t often consider the consequences of their actions. Millions of black prisoners scattered throughout the U.S. prison population, if they were honest with themselves, would admit the same thing. The millions of black children born out of wedlock also testifies to the impulsive nature of blacks, not to mention the high rates of STDs and HIV that runs rampant in black communities worldwide.

Blacks are criminally prone. They seem to have unusually high and deep-rooted proclivities toward committing crime, especially violent types of crime such as murder and rape. Blacks in America have consistently demonstrated this in every inner-city they populate, and there is little need to prove such an obvious point. Black-on-white crime has increased greatly in the U.S. and Britain. Black ‘flash mobs’ are not about dancing, but about large-group thievery, mayhem, and beating up whitey. South Africa is likewise confirming the truth of this as large numbers of blacks have directed their genocidal efforts in eradicating as many South African whites as possible. The MSM, naturally, reports relatively little about the atrocities that have occurred against whites in South Africa.

Every race and ethnic group of people has a certain percentage from their stock that commit crimes and, more or less, socially embarrass the rest of the group. They are usually a relatively small percentage of the entire group’s makeup. But in the case of blacks, what should be a small percentage who are criminally prone, instead constitute an abnormally large percentage of them. The numbers vary, of course, depending on who you read. The point, however, is that it’s generally agreed that an unusually large number of blacks, within their own racial group, are violent and prone to crime. This is evident, for example, in the high number of blacks who are incarcerated throughout the U.S. Although blacks constitute only a small number of the entire U.S. population, they greatly dominate the population of most prisons. What does this alone tell you about them? What sort of people are these who always require the watchful eye of law enforcement?
Blacks are unable to effectively manage a country or a city – even when that country (South Africa) or city (Detroit) has been practically handed to them by whites! If the problem with incompetence and mismanagement were limited to just a few black-run cities, not much could be proven by it. Whites have their problems with corruption and mismanagement too. But when every black-run country and every black-run city throughout the entire world is plagued by corruption, horrific levels of mismanagement, and complete incompetence, it tells us clearly that blacks inherently lack the sort of management skills, foresight, business savvy, and organizational acumen to successfully govern such institutions – at least not in the way whites are able to.

This partly explains why many of the businesses and stores in black communities are not actually owned and operated by blacks themselves, but by Asians and middle easterners. Blacks in South Central Los Angeles at the time of the Rodney King riots, for instance, specifically targeted for arson Korean-owned businesses because they were angry that so many of the local businesses and convenience stores were not black-owned.
It’s important for whites to understand that blacks, in some ways, are still very primitive. They are naturally aggressive, volatile, generally uncouth, easily amused and somewhat simplistic in the way they look at life. It was not too long ago, in fact, when blacks in Africa were running around with spears, clothed in nothing more than a loin cloth (sometimes wearing nothing), living in mud and straw huts, and engaged in wars with neighboring tribes. This was only as recent as the early part of the 20th century! While Europe had experienced the Renaissance and the Protestant Reformation, the African continent was still living in the stone age. There are reasons, then, why little has changed in Africa from previous centuries and why it’s often referred to as ‘the heart of darkness.’
There are, obviously, exceptions to what I’m saying. Some blacks have proven to be quite decent people. Some of them greatly value education, are not dependent on the government for their basic necessities, and have no desire to steal from others. They are responsible citizens, and they do not blame the white man for their poor personal decisions. Some have referred to them as the ‘talented tenth.’ But these are not representative of the majority. They are the exception.

All of this is difficult for whites to admit. White conservatives, like white liberals, are very much afraid of being branded a ‘racist.’ Just because they’re politically conservative doesn’t mean they understand the nature and history of blacks. It also doesn’t mean they haven’t been influenced by multiculturalism. Thus, they will look to other factors as explaining or rationalizing black dysfunction. Rarely will they ascribe black dysfunction as part and parcel to their nature, their genetic or biological disposition. 

White conservatives, however, are slowly changing their views of blacks. They may not necessarily agree with me as to the source or origin of ‘the black problem,’ but they’re at least admitting that blacks are very dysfunctional and have decimated our nation’s inner-cities with no one to blame but themselves.

Various things have contributed to this change. Becoming a victim of black crime, especially if it’s a racially motivated kind of crime, has a way changing one’s sympathies. White conservatives who live in a predominantly black neighborhood get an up-close and personal view of how blacks really are – and this by itself often leads to a more realistic view of these people.

Changes have also occurred because white conservatives have started to read ‘race-realism’ literature and have begun visiting ‘alternative right’ websites on the internet. These are all important avenues that bring white conservatives to a place where they finally ‘get it’ when it comes to understanding ‘the black problem.’ These are what help to make white conservatives ‘race conscious’ and ultimately concerned about preserving their own race and culture, rather than preoccupied about ‘saving’ a race of people who have forever proven that they both unwilling and, in some ways, unable to change their course.   :obama

source address:

Write to Brother Gibbs at his prison address:

William Christopher Gibbs #447817
Reg. No. 70713-019
Hall County Detention Center
P.O. Box 908030
Gainesville, Georgia
U.S.A. 30501
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