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Author Topic: Sand Nigger Jihadist Raghead Knife Attack, Leaves Eight Wounded (Minnesota)

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Jihadist Sand Nigger Raghead Knife Attack, Leaves Eight Wounded  (MINNESOTA)
   Fatally shot sand Nigger raghead go’s on a frenzy that leaves at least eight shoppers wounded in Minnesota mall.
The lone attacker who was making references to Allah during the night frenzy was wearing a private security uniform. He asked one of the slashing victims at Crossroads Center in St. Cloud if thay where Muslim, The police chief Blair Anderson revealed this information at a press conference just after midnight.
   Police Chief Blair declined to describe the 8:15 p.m. attack as an act of terrorism and it is still pending investigation. ‘‘We will be delighted to get to the bottm of this,’’ Blair said.
   Eight people were rushed to the hospital in St. Cloud, 60 miles northwest of Minneapolis, with none life threatening injures.
A off-duty officer from another jurisdiction shot the Allah Crazed Sand Nigger Extramist after confrontation inside a Macy’s department store.
    Terrified onlookers  took shelter for hours after watching the chaos unfold. Victims were fleeing there assailant “Drenched” in blood and others heard the officers gunshots, according to St. Cloud News.

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Write to Brother Gibbs at his prison address:

William Christopher Gibbs #447817
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