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Author Topic: White Hero Gets 5 Years Prison for Self Defence Against Black Beasts

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Adelaide, South Australia | 2 December 2015

An innocent White man who was savaged by three beastial black Abos has been sentenced to a minimum of 2.5 years in prison.

During the unprovoked attack, the hero of the day - Daryl John Wise, 23 - in a bid to defend himself whipped out a knife, stabbing one of the black beasts in its coal black heart and slashed and stabbed, wounding the other two.

Mr Wise was earlier charged with murder and aggravated causing harm with intent, and represented himself in court, appearing with two black eyes and other minor injuries. In an understanding that the so-called victims were actually the aggressors, the jury found Mr Wise guilty of the lesser charge of manslaughter. We White Racial Loyalists believe that Mr Wise should have been given a medal. He may very well have saved not only his own life that day, but the lives of countless innocent White victims the stinking paws of that damned dirty ape.

The Black gorilla family left the court with their hands out, begging for justice and crying about the judge failing to send a message to the (White) community.

Our own sources have revealed that the Social Media responses from the Black community are the expected declarations that Mr Wise will not live to see the sun again, cries of Ferguson! Ferguson!  Mabo! Mabo! Ferguson!, demands for White c*nts to pay the rent, and a call to arms to Get out onto the streets and kill Whitey!

The response from White Racial Loyalists is as it should be: Bring it on nigger!

Daryl Wise (left) leaves the courthouse and (right) with two black eyes

Tensions outside the courthouse: There's a race-war on the rise!
Picture Sources, ABC Australia and the Adelaide Advertiser

Author's name withheld.

MSM Source
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