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Author Topic: Star Wars 7: Anti-White Propaganda

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Re: Star Wars 7: Anti-White Propaganda
« Reply #5 on: 21 October 2015 at 19:14 »
Sanity? There is no sanity in Hollywood! There is only the power of the almighty shekel.

We have no choice other than to boycott Abrams now and in the future. That's the way the world works these days and threatening the burgeoning Tel Aviv bank accounts of the Hollywood Hook-Noses is the only thing that those world-destroying Hebes fear. Look at how they talk about how much those Kikes have hurt Mel Gibson; They really boast about they have totally destroyed his future financial gains, while he - being a White Man - just laughs, continues working at his own leisure and rakes in the dollars.

We hurt the Hebe by boycotting the Thor movies and it showed - but we all nevertheless saw those movies without a penny going to any Hollywood freak. There are no ifs and buts: We know Abrams hates White People and as such, it is up to us to hurt him where it counts. And if he and the media are already so fearful that they are playing the Race-Card at this stage before the movie is even released, then we know we are on a winning streak.

Sure, go watch Star Wars 7: Rise of the Jewdi or whatever it's called, but don't let the bastards gain a penny from your gullibility. There's more than one way to watch a movie for free other than by sneaking in the back door of the picture theatre.


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