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Author Topic: 2015-05-20 Scotland - Political Police Target Creators in Door 2 Door Witch Hunt

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Scotland's Political Police Target Creators in Door to Door Witch Hunt - Their Aim is to Crucify Creators

From the Church of Creativity, Scotland.

Today, friends and supporters of the church informed us that the political police were out in force today in Bervie making door to door enquiries regarding our recent (100% LEGAL) activism that has been occurring throughout the town by Church of Creativity activists! The Political Police were in a desperate search for leads presumably so that they could seize and crucify Creators  and any other innocent that falls into their trap simply for the crime of thinking for themselves in a Politically inCorrect fashion. This follows ongoing street activism by our Church Members and dedicated Supporters that has been ongoing in the town of Bervie since March of this year, when stickers and flyers containing the evocative phrases "WHITE PEOPLE AWAKE" and "SAVE THE WHITE RACE" caused an outcry in the local newspapers, with journalists and politicians declaring the idea that Scots people wanting a future for Scots children in Scotland as "Disgusting" and "Racist."

More at: 2015-03-19 Inverbervie, Scotland - Targeted by Radical Group,8379.0.html

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"For as long as one hundred White Men remain we won't surrender to foreign occupancy on our soil! We fight not for glory, honour or wealth but for the existence of Our Race alone! Which no worthy White Man surrenders but with his life"

The Declaration of Arbroath Restated
Issued by the Church of Creativity Scotland

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"Money isn't my currency , my currency is blood!" Ken Mc Clelland /Brutal attack.

Ha ha ;D So I can imagine this:- "Hello Sir,sorry to bother you this morning. This is the Cun+stubble d1ck head from the Scottish police, we are conducting an investigation into these people that go around sticking bits of paper up on public property.

 They have been very naughty people you see they are serial "litter bugs" they have been putting up bits of paper around the place that indicate they love their race and we see this as hateful and provocative, we have even seen them leave a big flag with a letter "W" on it .

We can't just grab that and throw that in the dumpster we need to get the culprit he's dangerous to the community.. what would people say if they really found out heir own nation was getting ripped away from under their feet?"  :angel
The Price is Reich!

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