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Author Topic: Australia First Party

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Re: Australia First Party
« Reply #25 on: 23 October 2019 at 11:15 »

Australia’s best known patriot activist Blair Cottrell has received a new trial date of November 11 from the County Court of Victoria for his appeal against his 2017 blasphemy conviction.

Blasphemy Charge and Trial

Cottrell along with fellow patriot activists and former United Patriots Front colleagues Neil Erikson and Christopher Shortis was found guilty of “intent to incite ridicule or contempt of Muslims” under Victoria’s Racial and Religious Tolerance Act in a trial at the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court in September 2017.

The charges against the trio or Bendigo Three as they became to be known related to a mock beheading stunt they performed outside Bendigo’s Council building during the United Patriots Front’s activism against the construction of a Mosque in the regional Victorian city in 2015.

The mock beheading was published on Facebook and was designed to demonstrate the potential dangers of further allowing the Islamisation of Australia and its regional cities. The mosque only broke ground in Bendigo in July this year, the Mosque construction received a $400,000 grant of Victorian taxpayer funds from Premier Daniel Andrews.

Appeal Process

Cottrell decided to appeal his conviction and $2,000 fine and engaged the services of patriot lawyer John Bolton. The appeals process has taken many twists and turns over the past year. Cottrell is challenging his conviction on the grounds that Victoria’s Racial and Religious Tolerance Act is constitutionally invalid under Australians’ implied right to freedom of political communication.

Originally given it was a matter of constitutional law they were directed to lodge an appeal directly with the High Court of Australia. In December 2018 the High Court directed Bolton and Cottrell to the County Court of Victoria to lodge their appeal, as they would not hear the case until all other appeal avenues had been exhausted by either side

Proceedings began in the County Court in February of this year with a mention in February. The presiding Judge at the time Lisa Hannan after initially expressing uneasiness about hearing a constitutional matter set the appeal for trial in August

A further development occurred in June when the Victorian Government through Attorney-General Jill Hennessy joined the Director of Public Prosecutions in the appeal proceedings. This was due to their belief that defending the validity of the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act was necessary to protect all laws against hate speech and to safeguard community cohesion

But then in July the Victorian Government admitted that Cottrell’s conviction under the Racial Religious Tolerance Act could conflict with its own Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities. Specifically the human right to freedom of expression under section 33 of the charter and the freedom of political discourse under section 18

Another mention was held on this development where John Bolton argued this question of state law should be held in Victoria’s highest court the Supreme Court. The DDP and State Government disagreed and argued that the trial should take place in the County Court in August as scheduled in the interest of expediency

Judge Lisa Hannan one week later ruled that both the state and constitutional matters of law could be decided by the County Court at the trial beginning August 12.

Financial Deplatforming

Since deciding to launch his appeal Blair Cottrell had been crowdfunding donations to cover his legal expenses using PayPal. His PayPal was shut down in December 2018 as part of a purge by the platform of “extreme far-right” figures

Blair Cottrell then used his personal Westpac bank account to solicit donations for his appeal. That account was shut down in June for “commercial reason”. Since then other Australian patriots have had their personal bank accounts closed for unspecified reasons.

Trial Rescheduling

The trial did not take place as scheduled on August 12. Bolton and Cottrell were informed that Judge Hannan could no longer hear the case. It was revealed in September that this was due to Lisa Hannan accepting a new appointment as Chief Magistrate of the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria.

A rescheduled trial date has now been confirmed to begin on Monday 11th November. It will be heard by the Chief Judge of the County Court of Victoria Peter Kidd. Kidd’s most recent high profile case was presiding over Cardinal George Pell two jury trials in 2018 on child sexual abuse charges

Judge Kidd after the jury at the retrial reached a unanimous guilty verdict and after another trial on a separate child sexual abuse incident was dropped sentenced Pell to six years in prison.

Peter Kidd has been Chief Judge of the County Court of Victoria since his appointment in September 2015. He was appointed concurrently as a Justice of the Supreme Court of Victoria in May 2016. He has previously been an international war crimes prosecutor and a Victorian Crown Prosecutor.

Blair Cottrell’s Take

Blair Cottrell since being charged under Victoria’s Racial and Religious Tolerance Act in early 2017 has been banned by Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. He can still communicate with his followers on free speech social media, his Gab account has accumulated over 3k followers since March this year.

Blair shared his own analysis and expectations on the upcoming rescheduled trial on his Gab account. He has also been reposting his Gabs on his new Telegram channel on the encrypted messaging app.

Blair Cottrell’s take on Gab
He also gave an overview of this legal saga to date from the charge, to the conviction and appeals process

The mainstream media despite pressure from left-wing activists on Twitter have still reported on Blair Cottrell’s appeal, but usually refer to him as a white supremacist neo-Nazi. has consistently used a photo shopped image of Blair in front of a Nazi flag in their news reports about either him or Australian nationalism.

The mainstream media will be at the trial on November 11th but so will the Unshackled and other Australian alt-media to provide truly independent coverage
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Re: Australia First Party
« Reply #26 on: 10 January 2020 at 19:18 »
Update on Australia First’s Westpac Struggle / AFP newsletter 11-1-20

Westpac Would Control Who Australia First Chooses As Its Officials:
Unprecedented Attack Upon Freedom Of Association
Westpac intensified its attack upon Australia First this week.
As members know, the bank ‘froze’ an account before Christmas.  It turned out we were obliged to authenticate our signatories and the status of the committee governing the account. We did so.
And then the ‘bombshell’. Westpac announced that our party president Jim Saleam, was not acceptable as a person to verify the account. It was pointed out to the Westpac legal team by the business manager at the relevant branch that it was one thing for the bank to deny him the status of customer (he was never one) or to be a signatory to an account, it was another thing to tell the organisation that it could not have him as an office bearer. The bank kept to its position.
Of course, that means in theory that the bank can at any time refuse to accept any officer of any registered party as it sees fit. That is not the bank’s business unless the person is reasonably committing certain offences.
Because this account relates to the New South Wales councils campaign in 2020, we have written to the New South Wales Electoral Commissioner, pointing out that we are required to maintain accounts and operate from them, but will be denied that right by the “commercial decision” (read: political decision) of a bank. We will be writing again to the New South Wales Council For Civil Liberties. It seems that a Federal Court action against the bank may be needed both for us to regain power over our account and to restore the party president to any and all of our accounts as we determine. This may be necessary because, before too long, the bank will extend this freeze to the two national accounts which the party president also recently confirmed.
We are well aware that other banks have made ‘commercial decisions’ against certain customers in recent months. We recall that only a fortnight ago, the ANZ refused to transfer money to European nationalist Mr. Nick Griffin, who had been invited for an Australian speaking tour.
Jim Saleam commented to us: “We will make a stand against Westpac on the behalf of free association. The High Court of Australia had ruled previously about the ‘right to political communication’ as a right arising from the Commonwealth Constitution which establishes the process of elections. The Court determined that people have to ‘communicate’ in order to participate. We shall see. Yet, it can be properly said that a system only targets groups it fears. While the fight proceeds, we may take positive comfort in that.”
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Based in Adelaide South Australia - The South of central Australia
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Re: Australia First Party
« Reply #27 on: 10 January 2020 at 20:11 »
it can be properly said that a system only targets groups it fears. While the fight proceeds, we may take positive comfort in that.

That's bullshit. The system often attacks those it hates. Don't meet the politically correct agenda of the bank? Then they wish for you piss off and die. And if the bank can assist your demise, it will, in whatever way it can.

Back in the early 90's, I'd been with Westpac for years. Had even had a personal loan from them in the 80's which I'd paid off in under two years. As far as their records were concerned, I was a soldier with a long history with Westpac from the age of 15, when I was forced to bank with them due to an employer switching to bank paid wages.

So, what I did was open a new account, close a joint account I had with my ex wife, along with - at their insistence - my original account. I was then refused permission to have a key-card. No phone banking,  ATM's or EFTPOS transactions allowed. I was told I was welcome to go into the bank and stand in line whenever a wished to make a withdrawl or deposit. And then, each time I wanted to do a transaction, they wanted me to supply full identification: Driver's License, Birth Certificate, Medicare Card - Army ID was not accepted as legit identification, even though it had been perfectly legit ID in order to close the other accounts. Only then - and they made this very clear - would they determine whether or not I had the right to progress with my transaction.

Was it because I was a soldier? I certainly wasn't going to tell them that I was unemployed at that time. Was it because I had rocked up on a motorcycle bought and paid by a loan through Westpac? Either way, a hippy bank manager was responsible. I probably ticked both its Hate Boxes.

I complained to the Banking Ombudsman and I was told that because I was technically a new customer, that branch of Wespac Bank had the right to discriminate on the basis that they do not know who I am. It took me some weeks redirecting wages to another new bank account before I can shut down any connection with Westpac.

It's thanks to reading Ben Klassen in TTT that I learned to spread any money I have around. I now use four different banking companies with seven accounts, and I can shift and accept money anywhere in the world without any issues. I do not use PayPal or Westpac - the only two financial institutions that have intentionally banned me from business in the last 35 years.

Ben Klassen had five accounts because he did not trust the IRS. If one or more accounts were seized, he reasoned he could empty the rest before they got to them. I do not trust the Australian Tax Office or the American IRS - who knows what bullshit they will attempt - but it's the banks themselves I have the most distrust for. They don't need legal reasons to turn on you, they just need to have a grudge against you and your account will be frozen.
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