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Author Topic: NT school Bullying rate ascends on both students and teachers

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TERRITORY teachers are being forced to cope with a spike in school violence and “lack of consequences” for the offenders - who are getting younger, an education union boss warns. 
One teacher reportedly had to claim worker’s compensation when she spent weeks recovering from a “whiplash” injury after a student attacked her.

Education Department figures obtained by the NT News show student attacks on teachers have risen more than 38 per cent from 90 in 2013 to 125 last year, which equates to an average of three each week across the NT.

Even more concerning, student assaults on fellow students increased more than 40 per cent to 814 in 2014 — up from 566 the previous year.

Physical assaults recognised in reporting include shirt-fronting, striking, throwing objects, hip and shouldering and biting.

Australian Education Union NT president Jarvis Ryan said staff deserved better support.

“Teachers should be able to put students in a different environment (to control behaviour issues),” he said.

“More young studentsboongs are showing violent behaviour — even those in primary school.

“It’s a difficult issue and teachers get frustrated about the lack of discipline and consequences for students.”

The most marked rise in attacks in one region was in Palmerston and rural Darwin.

The area saw 170 reported assauls on kids in 2013, which leaped to 271 last year.

There were 49 assaults on teachers in 2014 — up more than 50 per cent from 27.

Mr Ryan said: “We know that there are problems with violence in schools around Palmerston city.”

Education Department deputy chief Susan Bowden said the shocking increase in recorded assaults was due to a “new method of collecting student behaviour data and robust system for reporting behavioural incidents”.

She said the numbers reflected recidivist violence among some students.

This is what happens when you can't discipline kids correctly. Not just in Australia but it seems most western nations have a "softy" approach to this sort of conduct. Do you think North Korea or China would allow students to do this kind of crap?

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