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Author Topic: "DO IT FOR DENMARK" campaign . Government push for more Danish people

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A RURAL Danish town is bringing sexy back. 
The residents of Thisted, population 13,000 (and growing), have just agreed to spend more time making babies. Lots of babies. The mood is up in Thisted.

The idea is that if people make babies, those babies will grow up to live in Thisted and shop in Thisted and go to schools in Thisted. Because right now those places are seriously under-utilised.
Thisted’s birthrate has stalled — it is the lowest in Denmark at 1.6 babies per family — and the measure is hoped to keep crucial services including schools and childcare centres open.

It’s not the first time Thisted residents have talked openly about the birds and the bees.

Previous attempts to encourage copulation include prize draws for positive pregnancy tests and dating websites for people ready to start a family. A ‘Do it for Denmark’ ad campaign last year urged Danes to have more sex on vacation.
“The threat of shutting schools is over for now. We just need to figure out how to monitor the plan and see how many more children come along. Our intention is to create a vibrant community and attract new families. Many are very excited about the new plan.”

Reproduction may not be a new problem for Thisted, where the coat of arms, established in 1894, features a woman holding a young baby.

Well they can send all those Danish girls my way on a holiday and we can have a whole lot of new white people walking around .. fine with me!

The Price is Reich!

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