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Author Topic: Adults in Community Feel "Threatened" by Girls Dressed Up as Klanswomen & Shock

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What is more terrifying? Girls wearing stupid pointy hats that nobody takes seriously in 2015 or domestic terrorist Black individuals pointing guns at cameras who almost always seem to turn up later for being involved in an act of terror committed against White citizens?

We'll leave that for you to answer.

But for now, lets examine the former. The case comes from North Carolina where a group of young girls pointing their fingers at a camera dressed in what appears to be Ku Klux Klan improvised garb. It is believed that the local school boarded handed down discipline for the image that circulated on instagram, a photo sharing website because of the "painful history of racial strife" in the area.

Lets make this abundantly clear: this picture did not cause a shred of pain to anyone who saw it.
Is it stupid? That is irrelevant in 2015. If pictures are causing you "pain" then you really need to consult the help of a psychiatrist.

Here is the MSM spin on the story 

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