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Author Topic: Chinese security to protect Chinese citizens and Assets in South Africa

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Chinese company starts joint-venture security firm to protect Chinese citizens and Chinese Assets in South Africa

(AFP) On December 20 2014, HW Raid Security Pty.Ltd, a joint venture by Shandong Huawei Security Group from China and Raid Private Security from South Africa, announced its official founding in Johannesburg.

The opening ceremony and press conference was held at the Birchwood hotel, Johannesburg, on the morning of December 20. Over 70 guests from the Chinese Embassy, Consulate General, Economic and Commercial Counselors office of the Embassy, South Africa-China Economy and Trade Association, Chinese Companies in South Africa and other local societies were in attendance at the ceremony. Senior Advisor of Huawei Security Group, John Jiang, hosted the ceremony. Xun Jin Qing, who is the chair of Huawei Security Group and the new HW Raid Security, made a welcome speech. Director and General Manager Frans Van Niekerk presented the company briefing and business plan to the guests. Guests from the Economic and Commercial Counselors office of the Embassy and the South Africa-China Economy and Trade Association, respectively gave the speeches to express their congratulations. During the ceremony, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) stating the terms of collaboration between HW Raid Security and China Minmetals First ChromeMining Co, China Zendai Group and China Xinguang Industrial Group was signed. Finally an unveiling ceremony was conducted by distinguished guests for both HW Raid Security and Huawei Security Group representative office in South Africa. HW Raid Security is the first joint venture security services set up between a Chinese security company and a local security services provider. The main objective for HW Raid Security is to provide security services to protect lives and assets for Chinese business and people in South Africa. The founding of HW Raid Security signified a mile-stone for Chinese security companies travelling across continents and countries to protect their national interests and the interest of Chinese overseas investors. Shandong Huawei Security Group: 

Private company in China starts joint-venture company to protect Chinese citizens and Chinese ventures in Southern Africa - reflecting its growing interests.

Since 2000 some 350,000 Chinese migrants, mostly from its mainland, settled in South Africa but that's the official estimate. The 'unofficial' estimate very likely is much higher. Also officially, China has 108 aid-projects in South Africa which can be found detailed on: -- ALSO: Incidents of violence against Chinese residents in South Africa: -- -- Odendaalsrus, Welkom: 1 Aug 2014: Chinese shopkeeper Jack Feng 52 critical after frantic machete-attack by 4 black males: -- Triple-killers who hacked to death Chinese couple Long Tonka Liang, Li-Ping and baby girl Xiao-Nan get heaviest sentences

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Well they can try have all the security they want in Africa. America is stationing a lot of marine troops in Northern Australia , so if China gets too big for it's boots it'll blockade all their ships between Australia and Indonesia..

Still Is there no place around that those bug eyed bastards don't have their tentacles in? Sick they have all the money in the world now from Western businesses that would have had to have paid us for labour at one point.
The Price is Reich!

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