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Author Topic: South African Education: Let's Cut the British Liberal & Commie ANC Propaganda

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On numerous occasions, millions of people and especially black groups in South Africa, making statements about  the “poor  educational conditions” and they haven’t any “equal opportunities” during the so-called “apartheid regime” (1961 to 1994). The reasons are listed:  “blacks are from the “disadvantage” groups, didn’t have the same equal opportunities and they were excluded from everything during 1961-1994.”

Those are the main reasons why blacks in South Africa “needed” Black Empowerment legislation to protect themselves (as well as all the millions of immigrants from Africa), against the minority of whites in South Africa.   The choice of training and job opportunities are going together.Taking into account and due to the B-BBEE legislation, there are obvious less “white” students today than the “black” students.

Quote (selected)
Nobody, especially the Government and Education Department can tell today exactly how many black students are included from African and Asian countries. Ironically, black immigrants are included into certain statistics being used in South Africa.

Another example  black immigrants are included in the statistics regarding the killings when they mentioned the “black” group in South Africa. Unfortunately, due to the open borders, there are no census statistics of immigrants from Africa, Asia, China, etc. in South Africa. There was an article about students, what number of blacks (immigrants) are from African and other countries?

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