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Author Topic: F*&% off we're full-of racists soft cock story

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F*&% off we're full-of racists soft cock story
« on: 23 July 2014 at 13:30 »

Sydney-based freelance writer Andrew P Street suggests that we try to fight racism with humour.

“It’s fun to make fun of people being horrible,” he told me. “That’s what I love about the Left: we’re a bunch of funny smartarses as opposed to a bunch of terrified bigots.

“That is our superpower and that’s what we need to communicate.”

It might not really seem fair to have a battle of wits with unarmed people, but Andrew has a point.

And he’s acting on it with a brilliant plan to make up anti-racism bumper stickers to counter the sadly more common pro-racism ones with hilarious intellectual slogans like “F*** off we’re full”.

He’s intending to create an add-on that says “of racist dickheads”. And a positive one reading “People are awesome” that can be stuck right over the top of those charming xenophobic messages.

Sadly, the suggested “I heart Today Tonight” sticker will not be going into production for fear the message is too subtle.

Andrew says: “We need to point out how ridiculous this stuff is.

“These people are dumb and loud. We need to be not dumb, and louder. This could be Scott Morrison’s legacy – making people awesome.”

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