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Author Topic: Things like "Blue Laws". Subtle Jew Control?

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Things like "Blue Laws". Subtle Jew Control?
« on: 01 July 2014 at 13:11 »
I remember seeing something in a race based publication where the case was made that things like "Blue Laws" and other un-necessarily restrictive "social control" laws were the workings of the Jews, including but not limited to, manipulating Christian (Jew based) congregations to fight their social manipulation battles for them.

Maybe some folks here would like to chime in on some more of these kinds of examples.

Do things like, forms of "prohibition" raise flags of Jewish Social Manipulation attacks?  It is easy to argue for having everyone just be happy and sober and chipper, but in reality it creates black markets and other social disturbances that weren't present before "the change"

Another similar example that fits the bill as being an easy point to argue for but it has undesired consequences would be.... street signs.   

Apparently it is a good argument to have street signs for safty.. and you can give people fines and jail or whatever if they break those laws.. but it seems that removing the traffic signs and other "safety gear" from the road makes drivers safer.  There are several examples of this, but here is 1.

Another example I don't have a source for yet, but would like for you folks to consider is..

Allowing Drunk Drivers on the road, but allowing them to drive slower if they need to.

Currently, if the speed limit is 40, you need to go 40, if you don't.. you might as well be speeding.

So a drunk person hops in their car, because they have to get somewhere, but their safe reaction time limits them to being able to react only at speeds below 35.. maybe even at 30.

I know, it sounds like a crazy idea but it fits the same model as the other examples. It's easy to argue against, but also has unintended consequences.

What is the unintended consequence? Well, drunk people driving at unsafe speeds for 1 (since they can't drive slower) and 2..  fines, police action, jail, lawyer fees, etc etc etc....

Think it over, you should probably see a bunch of these kinds of examples, enough where we could compile a book if we wanted.

So if you think of some.. reply with it :)

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Re: Things like "Blue Laws". Subtle Jew Control?
« Reply #1 on: 01 July 2014 at 17:32 »
I chalk blue laws up to the failure of democracy and a testament to the superiority of the leadership principle. The dysfunction and disconnectedness of mob rule leaves inapplicable laws on the books to the point that the present rulers refuse to enforce them.

It also reveals how little paper proclamations actually matter when the law enforcers simply refuse to enforce them.

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Re: Things like "Blue Laws". Subtle Jew Control?
« Reply #2 on: 08 July 2014 at 22:42 »
Does political correctness, health and safety and education for self censorship count as blue laws? I never heard of the term before. It reminds me of a star trek episode 1st series where a planet of androids say that the humans are unpredictable, reckless and a danger to themselves and others and so "must be controlled and made safe". Kirk replies that humans aren't meant to be safe but live dangerously and pioneer.
Isn't our modern jew world just coralling everybody into being controlled in every aspect of their lives "for their own safety" like cattle, goyim and slaves.


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