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14 November 2019 at 22:05
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30 October 2019 at 03:07
Delenda est Judaica!

Aut Vincere Aut Mori!
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29 October 2019 at 22:17
White Flight is the ultimate act of Surrender and cowardice.

Only through struggle and resistance can a lasting victory be obtained.
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29 October 2019 at 13:15
No matter how bleak the future seems at times, Love for my Race always gives me the strength to fight on.  RAHOWA!!!
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27 October 2019 at 06:23
RaHoWa Brother. Welcome back.
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26 October 2019 at 18:05
RAHOWA everyone.. I've been busy over this past summer, hope all is well
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20 October 2019 at 15:38
BBC Journalist exposes a paedophile former British Prime Minister.

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20 October 2019 at 14:14
RaHoWa! The Shout Box isn't always about News. Just shout it ... shout it out loud.
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17 September 2019 at 09:55
Newly discovered photo of Ben Klassen at Otto, NC. 8/8/88,11578.0.html
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25 August 2019 at 08:00
We don't always notice the MSM banging on about us ... but when we do, we make sure to keep it. So check out the usual "Nazi" bullshit from the anti-White SPLC in our latest half dozen posts in CREATIVITY IN THE MSM (NEWS).

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Author Topic: Women against femanism *perhaps there is some hope*?

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Re: Women against femanism *perhaps there is some hope*?
« Reply #5 on: 25 August 2014 at 11:16 »
Gee is it really , that hard in the US to find a white woman to breed with? Is there a high proportion that have had multicultural relationships?

Where I live in Australia there are 4 guys to each woman and the figure is even smaller if you just take white women! You virtually have to meet a woman and get her knocked up in your early 20's to fulfil that dream. I am in my late 30's I can date white women but none are suitable for a family environment.

*One was quite good, but can't have children due to health.

* The other I met was pro homosexual and politically correct and quite a little "Germaine Greer " wanna-be. We can not talk about un-PC things.

* This other one I met more recently was a seemingly decent white Aussie woman on first sight. She told me she wanted a rural future with children.. problem is she has a pet Aboriginal! She is a school teacher that went to Abbo communities and she becomes close friends with a coons, there is one she names "her daughter" and "her family".

 Her dream is a "I want , I want , I want" fantasy. Expects the partner to drop everything in his life to run her farm with her in the sticks,work around the clock then raise a baby with all her "children/family Aboriginals" who are going to live and work on the farm too.. :o ::) :-\ Not like it isn't a big ask or anything?!?!?  8)Good luck in your world woman :D
The Price is Reich!

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Re: Women against femanism *perhaps there is some hope*?
« Reply #6 on: 30 August 2014 at 22:01 »
Sounds like the dating situation for us is about the same.  I have pretty much adopted the MGTOW approach to woman, but I have been considering adopting a white child by myself.  Currently, I only have one son.  However,  finding a white child to adopt safely in the US is another matter that is easier said than done.  I hope you find a suitable white woman and make some healthy white babies brother.  We need some numbers out there with strong racially proud fathers.  I wish you success in your search. 


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