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Author Topic: Our TV shows are far too White, says Lenny Henry

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Our TV shows are far too White, says Lenny Henry
« on: 18 March 2014 at 07:07 »
After reading MailOnline ARTICLE titled ‘Our TV shows are far too white, says Lenny Henry’ I had this to say:

‘This anti-white creature Lenny Henry never stops banging on about how few blacks there are on television. This from a man who strangely doesn’t much care for black women, instead opting for a horrible, ugly, repulsive, fat white-skinned slob before he would go near one of his own kind. A while back I remember him complaining that there were too few black people in the Harry Potter films. He complained so loud and long about this ‘disgraceful’ discrimination that the film creators gave this big mouth a part in one of the films, namely The Prisoner of Azkaban. They had to invent a pointless ‘shrunken head’ character who - in typical Lenny Henry style - makes a lot of senseless noise, just to keep people like him happy. (This character doesn’t even appear in the books!) I have only recently watched the first few Harry Potter films, after I discovered there is an anti-white theme throughout the series, and from what I can see, there are too bleedin’ many blacks in the films. Screeching about the place and generally making things look untidy, their very presence ruins these otherwise charming films. They ruin the films, they ruin the television, they ruin the music, they ruin their (and our) neighbourhoods. And we need more of this and less White people he says? No thank you, Lenny. I say more White people. More, more, more. :)
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Re: Our TV shows are far too White, says Lenny Henry
« Reply #1 on: 19 March 2014 at 12:42 »
they need to get the skinhead types in the 3rd or 4th film to fix Mr Jigaboo!
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