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Author Topic: Why not start a jail and import white prisoners?

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Re: Why not start a jail and import white prisoners?
« Reply #5 on: 05 February 2014 at 00:27 »
The UK govt. They were looking at getting the convicts out of Gaol on a deal to go to the military as they thought that the best soldiers were the "hard nuts" in the Gaols. Not a bad idea.. perhaps their "discipline machine can sort that out"?

There could be other ways to make the "weeds" into "orchids" but it'd be soooo hard for it to happen in todays climate. You'd totally have to remove ZOG, the UN and the homos and non whites.

You get the white male and female inmates into a "Lebensraum" they breed kids that go to white parents . It would be illegal to adopt from any other way. Incentives would be given to families adopting these white kids. The cost of upbringing is payed for by the state and sizeable houses and land is heavily subsidised if you are part of the scheme. The schooling needs for the kids are given in a military school environment and encouraged to be trained in skills the society needs .. no "basket weaving bollocks degrees". When the child reaches 16 it is his or her choice to either study a trade and leave the school or go to university with a guaranteed placement and free education and materials and literature provided.

Well .. it isn't impossible. The Germans  had Lebensraums 70 years ago.. and Australia had "missions" that taught Aboriginies valid skills in disciplined environments.
The Price is Reich!

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