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Author Topic: What happened to the abbo who slept in the Dumpster?

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A 30-year-old man sleeping in a dumpster had a rough wake up call. 
The man was collected by a waste disposal truck 7am yesterday.

He endured two more loads of rubbish being dumped on him before he was discovered in the back of the truck.

Duty Superintendent Louise Jorgensen said the driver heard noises from the rear of the truck as he was pulling into the depot in Pinelands.

Emergency services attended and facilitated the rescue of the man, who was then conveyed to Royal Darwin Hospital with shoulder injuries.

“He was very lucky not to have suffered serious injury as apparently a number of other collections were made after his dumpster was emptied,” Duty Superintendent Jorgensen said.

“Information to hand is that the male had been sleeping in the dumpster — a practice which is never recommended.”

St John Ambulance director of operations Michael McKay said the man suffered minor injuries.

“He had a minor head laceration and was treated for potential spinal injuries due to his fall,” he said.

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