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Author Topic: "Australia First Party" Rep Prohibited from Entering New Zealand

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Former Australian Nazi and convicted felon Jim Saleam has been blocked from entering New Zealand to speak at a National Front rally in Wellington.

Saleam, who these days is leader of the extreme Right-wing Australia First political party, was stopped from boarding a flight from Sydney to Christchurch on Wednesday.

An Immigration New Zealand spokesman said Saleam's criminal convictions made him an "excluded person", who was not eligible for a visa or entry permission without special exemption.

He spent 3 years in jail during the 1990s for organising a shotgun attack on the home of an African National Congress representative. He also spent two years in jail for insurance fraud.

In the 1970s, he was involved with the Nationalist Socialist Party of Australia - Australia's Nazi Party - and has been photographed wearing swastika armbands.

Immigration NZ said Saleam was allowed into the country in March after declaring his convictions. But new information had since come to light that meant he was now required to apply for a Special Direction to visit.

In September, his Australia First party received 7412 votes, 0.1% of the primary vote, in the Australian federal election.

Ohh.. So even though he has been punished for his crimes in the past .. they think they can punish him again? Or perhaps they just wanna corner him because his message is one that'll rabble rouse the fact NZ suffers the same fate Australia does with the Chinese economic take overs?
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Re: "Australia First Party" Rep Prohibited from Entering New Zealand
« Reply #1 on: 26 October 2013 at 00:53 »
And people question WHY I don't travel overseas? Apart from not having the money to waste needlessly swanning about the world, I have an extensive criminal record that would put some of the most hardened criminals to shame - and yet, it's not mine. I emphasise that I DO NOT HAVE A CRIMINAL RECORD! But by the time I had left the Australian Regular Army, arrangements had been made (by persons I assume to be with the Australian Army) to fabricate a criminal record in my name with the Australian Federal Police. The record (as of when I last saw it in 95) is several standard pages long and begins with drug deals in New South Wales at age seven and extends to break and enter, theft, assault and armed robbery across New South Wales and Queensland. With the help of a friendly barrister twenty or so years ago, I was able to determine that the crimes listed as having been deliberately misrepresented as mine, were very real crimes committed over a span of years by three others having the same birth name as mine, but different birth dates, with a fourth having the same birth date. None were born in the same state as I, nor were any of them at any time members of the Australian Regular Army. And despite having at one stage successfully proved with the Queensland police that I was in no way related to any of those crimes listed on my criminal record, the same criminal record continues to haunt me to this day, with the same accusations being passed to neighbours, landlords and employers by not so well meaning state police.

The other problem is that with the state police officially denying any knowledge of this falsified criminal history of mine, my only recourse is to deal with the Australian Federal Police, who have so far themselves denied any official knowledge of any falsified criminal history. The false criminal record exists, but from my perspective has become word of mouth only. I guess the only way to bring it out into the open again will be for me to either get someone on the inside to find the truth, or for me to commit a criminal offence for which I must be found guilty, so that my "criminal history" can be brought forth and THEN I can begin the process of clearing my name ... again, but hopefully this time for good.

And finally, I know precisely what was on my falsified criminal history twenty years ago, and I saw it expand over time, so I can only wonder at what crimes I have since been wrongly listed as being convicted of by now. Me travel overseas without the JOG jumping on it? Not on your life.

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That's very unfortunate as he's a stand up White Man. I met Jim a few years ago and if he could get here I'd host him anytime at my place .

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Don't worry Brother Cailen we know jog makes up bullshit about all of us your a stand up White Man and we will always back you up no matter what jog throws at you or us , no amount of propaganda can sway a real White Activist for his cause or turn Brother against Brother .


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