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Author Topic: Australian Import Mud Crime

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Re: Australian Import Mud Crime
« Reply #445 on: 03 November 2019 at 20:38 »
Asian attacked by Asian, but they still try to pass it off that it's all Whitey's fault ...

Jogger, 20, relives the terrifying moment she was dragged into bushes by a racially abusive man who asked if she 'was single' in brazen daylight attack

Excerpt: A young female jogger has recounting the horrifying experience of being dragged into the bushes and having her clothes ripped off by an attacker in broad daylight.

Amy Sangiah said she was running in Berwick Park in Melbourne's south-east on Friday morning when she was approached by a man who began to ask her questions.

'He kept asking if I was single and then he kept asking how much money I had,' the emotional 20-year-old told Seven News.

When she refused to answer the man's questions, she said he became aggressive.

'He just came running at me and just grabbed me, he was trying to push me down into the bushes and onto the ground,' Ms Sangiah said.

Ms Sangiah's sister, Natasha, took to Facebook to detail the terrifying experience.

'Once my sister tried to leave he grabbed her by the shoulders, pulling her clothes, and pushed her onto the ground and into a bush and spat on her,' she wrote

'Simultaneously he started yelling racial slurs at her and threatened to punch her.'

The 20-year-old managed to push the man off her and run towards a nearby resident.

The resident, Rachel, said she comforted Ms Sangiah who told her the man had tried to hit her and called emergency services.

Despite the frightening ordeal, Ms Sangiah said she will continue to run in the park accompanied by her dog

'You hear stories about it but you never think it will happen to you, let alone in broad daylight,' the 20-year-old said.

Victoria Police confirmed they are investigating the assault and are searching for the man responsible.

He is believed to be 18-20 years-old with black hair and of Asian appearance, wearing a blue t-shirt and knee length shorts.

Ms Sangiah posted an image of the man in the hopes he may be recognised and turned in

I’d say this woman is either Islander or South East Asian and this Asian attacker said racist things to her?
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Based in Adelaide South Australia - The South of central Australia
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Re: Australian Import Mud Crime
« Reply #446 on: 04 November 2019 at 20:54 »

Bikie bashes Afghan child rapist up in Gaol

A notorious Rebels bikie has posted a shocking video of himself brutally attacking a child sex offender in a shower stall at a police watch house.

Bradley Daniele posted a video on Facebook on Monday afternoon showing CCTV footage of himself approaching Hamzeh Bahrami, 33, in a bathroom shower stall in Adelaide Watch House in April.

The 26-year-old outlaw motorcycle gang member cornered the sex offender in the shower before viciously assaulting him.

Daniele proceeded to land multiple heavy blows to Bahrami's face and body before a police officer entered and used pepper spray to stop the attack

It is unknown how Daniele obtained the footage, but his post was captioned with a rant that showcased why he attacked Bahrami with such aggression.

'To everyone that actually knows me, knows that I'm a good person and will help anyone out,' Daniele wrote.

'Yes I have made some mistakes in my life and done a bit of jail but who hasn't done wrong in their life.'

'I'm not asking for anything from this post. One thing I will not stand for is kids being abused physically or mentally and I will do this over and over again if I had the chance

'I think it's time people stop judging bikies and people start to worry about the real issues in life like getting the pedos (sic) off the street.'

Bahrami pleaded guilty to sexually attacking a 10-year-old girl in a toilet block near a playground at a Blair Athol reserve in April.

Daniele said his violent attack was in response to the toilet block incident, where it is alleged that Bahrami taped his victims's eyes and mouth and tied her hands behind her head during the assault.

'I know everyone is not gonna agree with violence but that little girl never had a voice and I'm sure if you had a heart you would do the same thing,' Daniele posted.

'If I go to jail for this I will not loose (sic) any sleep

South Australian police issued a statement on the incident saying that Bahrami was uninjured in the attack.

'A man was reported for an assault that took place at the Adelaide City Watch House in April,' the statement reads.

'The 26-year-old man from Mawson Lakes was reported after allegedly assaulting another prisoner

'The victim didn't require medical treatment. As the matter is now before the court, no further information can be provided at this time.'

Daniele will face court later in November over the incident after being charged with assault
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Based in Adelaide South Australia - The South of central Australia
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Re: Australian Import Mud Crime
« Reply #447 on: 06 November 2019 at 11:21 »$2m-from-students-but-never-taught-class/11662164

On July 1, 2015, Mr Singh was greeted by a cheerful auditor from the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA).

"Good morning Mr Singh … I'm calling because I've been asked to conduct a compliance-monitoring visit of your premises," ASQA auditor Kate Owen told Mr Singh on the phone.

"From time to time, we actually like to come and visit a provider on the site, have a look at some documents … some of the things that you're required to keep under the legislation."

Mr Singh was the owner of private college St Stephen Institute of Technology in Melbourne.

Mr Singh nodded, responding that he was happy to help. He hung up the phone. Within moments, he called Mukesh Sharma, an associate who ran another college, the Symbiosis Institute of Technical Education.

He told Mr Sharma to get ready. An audit was about to take place

What Mr Singh and Mr Sharma did not realise was that federal agents had been listening the whole time.

Mr Singh's phone had been tapped. Every call was being monitored and logged.

This single call would spell the end of a multi-million-dollar scam they had been running against the federal government, reaping more than $2 million in subsidies for students.

And it would expose what is known as a ghost college.

A new opportunity

Mr Singh is, by all accounts, a charming man.

In sentencing Mr Singh to jail, Judge Michael O'Connell acknowledged he had shown "a great deal of drive and initiative in many legitimate respects".

He arrived in Australia at the age of 18 in 1999, and quickly moved into a range of entrepreneurial ventures.

He ran a security business in 2003. In 2005, he began working as a subcontractor to Australia Post, arranging teams of delivery services across Melbourne.

It was a wildly successful venture. Court documents reveal it made more than $17.5 million while it operated.

In 2011, Mr Singh found himself in a new business: he took ownership of a registered training organisation called the St Stephen Institute of Technology.

Mr Singh saw this college as a new kind of opportunity

When the ASQA auditor called Mr Singh in 2015, federal agents had anticipated it would send him into a panic.

Detective Superintendent Danielle Woodward and a team of agents had been watching Mr Singh and his colleagues closely for at least six months, after a tip-off relating to their national police certificates.

They spotted a number of signs that indicated something unusual might be taking place.

Mr Singh was living in a lavish mansion, with an expensive Ferrari. The source of this wealth was unclear.

His colleges were in odd locations and appeared to have much less activity than would have been expected from colleges with hundreds of students enrolled

Mr Singh began preparing for the compliance visit from ASQA.

7.30 has obtained dozens of telephone intercepts and hours of surveillance video that show how this scam was undone.

On the day the audit was announced, Mr Singh made several phone calls instructing the members of his syndicate — Mr Sharma and Rakesh Kumar — to begin preparing the colleges for the audit, by making assessment records.

He tells one of the members of the syndicate: "No-one does it in [the] correct way. No college has that, you can go to any college."

In one critical intercept, one of Mr Singh's associates tells him: "We know that we are doing ethically and legally wrong."

But it was not just Mr Singh's phones that were tapped.

On a day like July 5, 2015, there were six classes scheduled across the day.

With six classes running, you would expect dozens of students walking in and out of the college. But this was not the case.

Federal agents had covertly installed a surveillance camera inside the lobby of the St Stephen college.

Footage from the same day shows just a cleaner entering the premises. No students are visible

Across days of these surveillance tapes, not a single class was taught in accordance with the timetable that was given to ASQA.

On 20 of the 23 days the surveillance device was active, only three days showed any students attending the college.

On the three days they did attend, none remained for the duration of the timetabled class.

"In essence, there was no teaching and there was certainly no students that were involved in any sort of actual education," Detective Superintendent Woodward said.

The only day of significant activity occurred shortly after the call announcing the audit.

"What we saw … was a whole lot of computers and paperwork coming into the actual institute," Detective Superintendent Woodward said

"But then the computers actually weren't networked, they weren't connected to anything. So they basically just brought in all this material to comply … with the compliance visit."

The particular type of scheme is known by some who work in the vocational training sector as a "ghost college".

"It's an organisation that ticks all the boxes in terms of its appearance," Larissa Kernebone, a former ASQA auditor who now works as a consultant to training organisations, told 7.30.

"It looks like a training college, when in fact students are not really doing their training, they're actually out working or doing something else with their time."

And Mr Singh's was slowly unravelling

In August 2015, police decided to execute search warrants on Mr Singh's home and at each of the two colleges.

What they found inside the two college spaces were largely empty rooms, with little signs of life.

"What we found was two vocational education systems that had incredibly meticulous records for students that didn't fundamentally exist," Detective Superintendent Woodward said.

What they did find were thousands of pages of documents that formed part of the elaborate sham.

The colleges had "sets" of answers, with plagiarised answers pre-prepared to be filled out on different student assessments.

When federal agents analysed thousands of the documents, they were able to identify the exact same answers filled out for different students — even with the same spelling mistakes

"The plagiarism … actually had spelling errors in it … they'd write in 'chief' instead of 'chef'," Detective Superintendent Woodward said.

The work involved in plagiarising all of these student assessments was extraordinary.

"It probably would have just been simpler to actually educate people," she added

Police alleged there were two parts to Mr Singh's scam. Fee-paying international students could undertake study with private training colleges.

"They were making money, easy money," Detective Superintendent Woodward said.

"They take that money, and then basically tell the students that you don't have to come [in], just give us your money, and we'll just give you the certificate."

The outcome was devastating for some of those students.

"They come out to Australia, they paid a lot of money to get their certificates … and they're basically fake," Detective Superintendent Woodward said.

"And that's not what our country is about. So I think it had a huge impact."

The revelations about Mr Singh's scheme were a major scandal at the time, and contributed to the decision to freeze funding levels for the VET system by the federal government and greater oversight of training organisations.

VET funding has now been substantially tightened up.

The second part of the scam involved domestic students. The Victorian Education Department also provided subsidies for students enrolled in training courses.

"The domestic students, most of the time, had no idea or even enrolled," Detective Superintendent Woodward said.

Haripal Chahal had recently become an Australian citizen when he received a knock on his door from two federal police agents in August 2015

"I was shitting my pants mate, I was shitting my pants," he told 7.30 at his home in northern Melbourne.

"I was really afraid. I thought maybe they're here to deport me or something."

The two agents — who Mr Chahal stresses were incredibly polite and friendly — began asking him about his qualifications, and what college he went to.

"I showed them all the documents, all the certs, cert three, cert four and the diploma, but they said, 'Have you done any other courses?'" he said.

Mr Chahal had never heard of the college they were asking about: the St Stephen Institute of Technology.

Mr Chahal was shocked to be shown documents from inside Mr Singh's college that appeared to contain his signature and identification details, enrolling him in courses.

He has no idea how his identity was stolen, but speculates it could have been a petition at an Indian community event.

"I was very disappointed because it gives a bad name to the community as well," he said.

He was one of more than 40 students who later gave evidence against the syndicate in court.

"I was happy to give all the information I had … I had nothing to hide," he said

Mr Singh was sentenced to six years' jail for his role in the scheme.

Rakesh Kumar and Mukesh Sharma, who were key players in the syndicate, were both sentenced to five years.

Mr Singh's wife, Rekha Arora, was also found guilty, and was released on a good behaviour bond for a period of three years.

The outcome for some of the international students who attended the college has been bleak.

"They get basically scammed," Detective Superintendent Woodward said
"To be given a certificate, which is now worth nothing to them, they've lost their money.

"That goes back overseas to their homes and to their families. And so that really damages our reputation."

Ms Woodward says the AFP will continue to look closely at the vocational training sector.

Today, ASQA is cancelling far more training organisations than it has in the past, but some providers are successfully challenging decisions in the administrative tribunal.

Ms Kernebone says there are still sinister forces at work behind some existing colleges.

"When I began consulting, I was engaged and working with a very significant RTO [registered training organisation]," she said.

"They gave me a lot of information, I observed, and had calls from the CEO to tell me that ASQA was on their door knocking.

"My perception of this RTO was that they needed to be shut down immediately. And my perception was that they needed to be referred to the federal police. And this RTO continues
to operate."

An ASQA spokeswoman told 7.30 in a statement it had only had its decisions varied or set aside on 11 occasions.

"Having strengthened our risk-based approach to focus our activities on those considered more likely to be non-compliant, it follows that the proportion of adverse decisions would increase," they said

 >:(These cunning, brown rats seem to be the filth Australia is taking! Once you get Australian qualifications you can easily get an Australian business sponsor and that’s your foot in the door for citizenship 5 years later!

I don’t know what place isn’t safe from their tentacles?! Typical behaviour from “The new Jews”!
The Price is Reich!

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Based in Adelaide South Australia - The South of central Australia
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Re: Australian Import Mud Crime
« Reply #448 on: 16 November 2019 at 23:50 »
CCTV footage has captured the dramatic moment a team of Good Samaritans sprang into action after teenage African scum shoplifters ransacked a sportswear store in Victoria.

The incident took place at SportsPower, on South Gippsland Hwy in Cranbourne on Friday afternoon.     

The video shows the four teens casually walking into the store before they begin to rack up on clothes and other items.   

At one point, employees appear to get suspicious as the boys slowly make their way near the store's exit with the merchandise in their hands.

Seconds later, the thieves make a run for it, bolting out the door and a chase ensues.

Store staff, shoppers and even members of a fitness gym next door banded together to chase the thieves for more than a kilometre, according to 9news

'Everyone was keeping an eye, calling out to us saying "they're down the next street!" SportsPower co-owner Sarah Naismith said.

In the end, a bystander was able to tackle a 15-year-old thief to the ground, while the three other accomplices got away

Surprise!...Surprise! African shoplifting gang brazenly stealing. Has this happened before in that area?I think so!
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Based in Adelaide South Australia - The South of central Australia
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Re: Australian Import Mud Crime
« Reply #449 on: 19 November 2019 at 09:16 »
African Gang in Australia Terrorises Families and Smashes Airbnb

A gang of 80 youths have destroyed a Melbourne home after a party at an Airbnb descended into chaos.

The partygoers were seen sprinting from the home at Box Hill North, in the city's east, on Sunday morning.

CCTV footage obtained by Nine News showed some of the young men brandishing planks of wood as they left the house on Ashley Street.

Police were called to the house party following noise complaints and reports of a brawl at about 6am

'It is believed a brawl broke out the front of the house with a large number of youths,' a police spokesman told Daily Mail Australia.

'Police shut down the party with up to 80 youths African C* nts dispersing from the house about 6am.

'The house sustained major internal damage and police are investigating whether items were stolen from the address

One female youth was arrested for failing to confirm her identity but was later released.

No injuries were reported.

One witness, Felicity, told Nine News: 'They [the police] had them against the fences, they were searching them. The kids were just laughing, no one was taking anything seriously.'

One local resident said the gang had been shouting and yelling 'the whole night'

Five people reserved the Airbnb property for two nights and they first checked into the home on Friday.

Vision from inside the house shows holes in the walls, rubbish scattered across the kitchen and broken plaster on the staircase.

Property manager Justin was shocked to find the destruction on Sunday morning and likened the mess to a 'war inside' the house. 

'I think they [Airbnb] need to identify the people who book it [the properties] more carefully,' he said.

The repair bill is set to reach $45,000, while the clean-up will last for two weeks.

Five bookings at the property were also forced to be cancelled

An Airbnb spokesman said the reported behaviour is 'utterly unacceptable' and violates what the community stands for. 

'We have absolutely zero tolerance for bad behaviour and we enforce strict policies to protect hosts, guests and the wider community,' the spokesman said.

'We have removed the bad actors from our platform and stand ready to assist Victoria Police to ensure they are held to account. We will also support the host through our Host Guarantee

So the niggers have been doing stuff like this from day one here. Anybody feel like it’s going to stop anytime soon? How much longer do the lefties think we should be “tolerant”?!
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Based in Adelaide South Australia - The South of central Australia
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