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Author Topic: Will Williams VS Christian Identity

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Will Williams VS Christian Identity
« on: 08 February 2013 at 21:52 »
Not sure if any of you heard this radio show featuring Will Williams. I was surprised to discover that the former Hasta Primus has a thick Southern drawl. I have read some of his writing a while back, and even read about him in Klassen's works, so imagined he would have more of a 'Standard American' accent. I also found the host, Carolyn Yeager, to be rather biased in favour of the crackpot Christian guest, William Finck, often interjecting in his defence and contradicting others. Overall, though she may have the best intentions, I thought she wasn't the best mediator or Moderator.

The Heretics' Hour: Will Williams meets William Finck
The Price is Reich!

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