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Author Topic: Australian Federal Police RACIST For Not Labelling Indian Attacks as Hate Crimes

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That is attacks on Indians in Australia by African and Middle Eastern youth, for which Indian newspapers blame White Australians ...

Get a life  ::)

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Same story, different paper:

The international fallout from the murder of Nitin Garg has spread well beyond India, with media outlets in Asia, the Middle East, North America and Europe reporting the trouble in Australia.

Meanwhile, in Brisbane:

Little girls going to grandma's, forget about the Big Bad Wolf, but look out for Indians!

AN Indian taxi driver who sexually assaulted a teenage schoolgirl trying to get to her grandmother's house will spend three months in jail.


And in India:

AN Australian engineer working in India has been charged with attempted murder after shooting at a man urinating outside his apartment, Indian media reports said.


Quote (selected)
The engineer, named as Levin Justin, shot at the man with an air rifle after he became enraged when he saw him urinating in the street, the Deccan Chronicle online said.

The paper said Mr Jestin, who is working for a local company, was drinking with colleagues on the balcony of his apartment when he saw a man urinating.

Mr Jestin picked up his air rifle and pulled the trigger, hitting the man in the arm, the report said.

The Australian has been charged with attempted murder and has been remanded in custody, the paper said.

The injured man was taken to hospital.

The paper said it was common practice for local people to defecate and urinate on the road despite the protests of local residents.

Comment was being sought from Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.


Attempted murder with an air rifle that would definitely break the skin if it didn't hit a clothed area, but wouldn't penetrate more than a few layers of skin - never mind penetrate into the flesh and cause injury that a Band-Aid couldn't fix.

Maybe the JOG should charge the next Indian caught passing wind from the anus with terrorist offences for spreading noxious gas.

And three months for a racially motivated sexual assault on a young White girl - a child - by an Indian who is undoubtedly angry because he is unable to obtain a White woman for himself. Preposterous!

How do I know this? When I lived in Brisbane in the early 90's I spoke to a lot of angry Indian and Pakistani immigrants who all claimed that Australians are racist because none of them were able to obtain a White woman and had to settle for Abo wives.

Each of them vowed to seek revenge on White Australians by bringing up their Indian/Abo kids to hate Whitey. ... All because they couldn't get a White woman.

That is why this sexual assault on a White girl by an Indian was undoubtedly racially motivated. When his three months is up, cut the Indian's testicles off and deport the pervert back to his homeland.

Quote from: Hidden to Guests

A report about attacks on Indians in Australia was submitted to the Indian Parliament by the Overseas Indian Ministry, early 2010. According to this report, of the 152 attacks that the Indian consulate was aware of, 23 had "racial overtones", i.e., were accompanied by racial abuse, or "anti-Indian remarks". The majority were found to be either thefts, or robberies, or results of verbal disputes.

Sitaram Yechury, a member of parliament representing the Communist Party of India (Marxist), wrote that both sides of the debate have points. Economic crises and downfalls often cause rising fascism and racism against minorities, such as the rise of Nazi Germany, the Great American Depression, as well as economic downturns in India itself resulting in racist-like violence between various ethnic groups and ultra-nationalist parties in the country. Yechury says that the racism directed against Indians in Australia can be explained in this broader context.

Nama Nageswara Rao, leader of the Telugu Desam Party, visited Australia, and held a press conference on his return. He stated that he had interviewed many of the victims, and the attacks did not appear to be motivated by racism. He also noted that many of the perpetrators were immigrants from ethnic minorities, such as "Afghans, Lebanese and other nationals who settled in Australia". Sydney students interviewed by ABC's AM programme stated that their attackers were from a range of ethnic backgrounds, and while they said there was a "racial element" they also saw the attacks as opportunistic. The attackers have been described as being white, African, Asian, Middle Eastern, Aboriginal, and Pacific Islander.

Let's finish this by allowing Google to expose a little ... nay a lot of Indian hypocrisy:
Google Search - Australian murdered in India

Noli Nothis Permittere Te Terere
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Piddling on the street is not only common place but look at the filth they live in! Disgusting sewer , brown rats!
The Price is Reich!

Find me on Stormfront as QueJumpingAfghan where I have been banned!

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Have to say after watching that, as much as Indians piss me off, I can't help but admire their recycling program in this place. The fact that everything is recycled including plastic bags is astounding. This is the kind of work I could see people doing under a socialist system, with of course protective equipment like gloves and anti odor masks. It just goes to show that there is plenty of jobs that could be created. I've worked in recycling at those can and bottle places and I can't see people rejecting to recycle landfill sites with decent pay. We could certainly bring our quota up by how much waste we recycle I'm sure.
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