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Author Topic: Adelaide Woman Duped by African Scammer - JOG Will Not Deport Congoloid

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White Adelaide woman Katrina Mudge who met a black African online and went to South Africa to marry him, has belatedly discovered a sense of duty to her nation.

After marrying JOHN Musas Chibang and the couple returning to Australia, Chibang abandoned his new wife and is now believed to be in Sydney or Melbourne. Chibbang's marriage visa was cancelled in June of 2010, but he is yet to be deported, despite being in receipt of Federal Government welfare payments through Centrelink (social security).

"He shouldn't be allowed to get away with this. He lived with me for only 10 weeks," Ms Mudge said.

"I have rung Centrelink and they won't cut him off. I was told by Immigration his visa was cancelled last June or July but no one has picked him up.

"I should have known better."

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Stupid woman should be sent to Africa with him, serves her right for her treason.

How he can still be in the country is a bit shocking. I hope he's charged with over staying his visa.

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They just won't bloody learn will they? It isn't eay for you to import a spouse either. What the hell does she see in the black bugger? She isn't an ugly woman.
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