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Victoria, Australia: Sand Nigger from [s]TCM[/s]


Here's a new one I thought you'd all like. No, it's not an out of the blue email from a rag head. It's from TCM. The red text is typical Paddy style that we are used to. The rest TCM has threatened over the years but have never quite put together in one hit. traces to BC Canada (just North of Montana). It is not a proxy.

And the email address has an alternate email associated with the account which is owned by James Logsdon (thanks to a Brother for that information).

FirstName: Muhammad
LastName: Hashmi
comments: i kill you all you gut less jew blooded infidels, come get me if you dare police informing ratsw i rape ur mom in the ass and ur baby daughters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hahahahahhaha

Muhammad Hashmi
36 Albert Street, Fawkner
Melbourne, Victoria 3060 Australia
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This e-mail was generated from a form submission on your website:

From: Muhammad Hashmi <>
Subject: i kill you scum

Message Body:
come and get me u racist white dog i kill you scum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
36 Albert Street, Fawkner
Melbourne, Victoria 3060 Australia

This mail is sent via contact form on Church of Creativity South Australia

How about you Reverend Scott and Reverend Sinn; did you get anything from the same pathetic place?

No. Nothing for now. I guess he is exclusively a fan of you.


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