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Here's one, claims to be a Hammerskin - we know it's not and we also know that there is a TCM "member" in Arkansas. Notice the typical Paddyism?

comments: you ruined the name of good men. you *ing coward wanna be biker faggot!

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Somebody is such a coward that they don't even have the guts to list their name or even email address, but they claim that I'm a coward?

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Isn't this the skinhead tattoo artist that was on this forum that went to TCM ? Did he live in Texas or Arkansas ? I can't remember now.

He moved from Ark to Texas - but a tree fell on his new home in Texas within a week or so of moving there, so he might have returned to Arkansas. Anyway, what would he complain about? He hates Hale. If he's returned to Ark and has decided to become a Hammer and tries blaming me for his own problems, the Hammers will deal with him in their own way. He might be a tattooist, but their membership process is a long and strenuous one that he would never survive.

On the other hand, while I doubt it's him, there's always a chance that it is. In the past he's been with VF, Hammers, us, TCM and who knows how many more. A damned hobbyist that drags a soap opera of his own about with him wherever he goes. Being a tattooist he cons the easily impressionable by dangling his trade in their faces. His kind only succeed in the short term. They eventually cross too many people and their shop is burned to the ground.


Well I know for a fact its not a Hammerskin because as far as I recall there are no HSN members in Arkansas.
At the most it could be ATB/C18 (given Patricks connections to c18) as they have recently tried to revive the name of OHS (Outlaw Hammerskins) and I can assure you, that alone is going to get them into a lot of trouble ....

Nope, they don't have any members there either

It's just TCM pretending to be somebody else.



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