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Author Topic: 2008-02-15 Home detention spent posting racist statements online

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Note: The Creativity Alliance was formerly known as the White Crusaders of the RaHoWa

Home detention spent posting racist statements online

A Taupo Nazi sympathiser sentenced to home detention for a racially motivated attack on an Asian teenager has spent his time at home posting white supremacist statements online and making light of his sentence.

 Brendon Rimmer was sentence to six months home detention in the Taupo District Court this month and ordered to pay $350 reparation after pleading guilty to three charges of common assault.

 The charges relate to an incident in Napier in July when Rimmer approached a group of four teenagers - aged between 15 and 17 - and verbally abused them before assaulting some of them.

 According to the police summary of facts Rimmer asked "why are you hanging around with this chink?". He then asked an Asian teenager what he was doing in "my country" before saying "why are you here? Get out of my country".

 Rimmer then spat in the teenager's face before hitting him in the face. Rimmer plead guilty to the charges in November and was sentenced in Taupo on February 5.

 Taupo Times investigations show Rimmer operates a homepage on the website a site described as Bebo for white supremacists.

 Just days after his sentencing postings were made to his homepage making fun of his sentence and to organise a racially motivated online meeting.

 In one posting to the site he described how good his home detention had been.

 "Yeah mate not too bad, actually heaps of ladies have been around to visit, haven't had a night by myself in bed all week," he posted. A reply from a friend joked "you must be enjoying paying your debt to society, ha ha". The friend also described Rimmer as an "inspiration".

 Garth McVicar of the Sensible Sentencing Trust described the sentence as a mockery.

 He says offenders think home detention is great, describing how much easier it is for them.

 "The judge was seriously mistaken giving him home detention."

 He says home detention is being used to unload the prison population "putting members of the public a serious risk".

 He says it shows the failures of a social experiment.

 Legislation is encouraging more of this and doesn't attempt to stamp it out.

 "It's not okay. New Zealanders have to stand up in their droves to stop it. On his NewSaxon homepage Rimmer describes himself as being a proud white supremacist since he was 16.

 He says he was once a member and youth leader of the National Front NZ and Co-leader of the New Zealand Nazi Militia. He then joined a group known as the White Crusaders Of The Rahowa (Rahowa means Racial Holy War). He is currently a member of Creativity NZ described as a white racial religion.

 In postings to the site made during the time he was on home detention Rimmer organised an online meeting of Creativity NZ and also posted a long blog about "recognising your enemy" in which he says: "Number one on the list is the International Jew, the whole Jewish network, the Jew as an individual. Number two is the mass of colored races, whom we shall designate simply as the mud races".

- Taupo Times
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