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Author Topic: Africa Addio (Farewell Africa)

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Africa Addio (Farewell Africa)
« on: 22 July 2011 at 07:12 »
Africa Addio / Farewell Africa (English Subtitles)

'Africa Addio' / 'Farewell Africa' (shot in 1964; released in 1966) is a documentary film about the decolonization of Africa, made by the Italian film directors Gualtiero Jacopetti and Franco E. Prosperi. It shows like no other documentary what blacks are capable of if they get the chance. It is a masterpiece with beautiful music, composed by the Italian composer Riz Ortolani. Probably 'Africa Addio' is the best and most exposing documentary ever made about what happened in several African countries directly after decolonization, but because of political correctness the masses never heard of it. In the USA a censored version called 'Africa Blood and Guts' was released, which was deliberately stripped from the original music and the powerful message of 'Africa Addio' - so the sensors were able to portray the destruction, cruelty, savagery and genocide performed by the Africans as a 'struggle for indepence'. The directors Gualtiero Jacopetti and Franco E. Prosperi dissociated themselves from this Hollywood (per)version of their film.

Use to reveal the download links of this film, then you can save it in several formats. The supplementary subtitle-file is available for download at:

How to add the subtitles:
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Re: Africa Addio (Farewell Africa)
« Reply #1 on: 22 July 2011 at 09:12 »
xtian "missionaries" had been going to Africa for decades prior to the would prblby be safe to say that @ least ½ of the local African ppltn was "xtian" by that time...and....yet.....that seemed to make no discernible difference to the horror, blood-shed and chaos that occurred when the Europeans left....(and, more recently, made no discernible difference to the events in Rwanda in the mid-1990s where the nogz turned on and butchered each other!).....there were, apparently, many, many European women and children who did not make it out of those African countries in time (or who could not escape to, say, Rhodesia or Sth Africa....which were, of course, still white-controlled nations back then)...

those European women and kids were, quite literally, butchered by these nog bastards.....we may never know the full horror(s) that they experienced @ the hands of these less-than-animal savages (i don't even want to call them "animals" because that would be some-what insulting to our four-footed friends, eh?!?).....even the full terror of the Mau Mau savagery in Kenya was, to a large extent, "covered up".....although you can get a "glimpse" of it from an early 1970s novel called "Something of Value" by British author Robert Ruark.....also....there was a book written abt the same time called "Congo Mercenary" by a former Brit' merc called Colonel Mike Hoare (the late 1970s film "Wild Geese" starring Richard Burton, Richard Harris and Roger Moore was partially based on his 'career'!)

Colonel Hoare's book goes into excruciating detail concerning the massace of white women & children @ Stanleyville in the Belgian Congo

clearly, xtianity is a non-starter AFA explaining TNB is concerned.....the only rational and logical explanation is genetics

the old saying springs ineluctably to mind: you can't turn a nog or a kike or any mud for that matter into a human being by tipping ½-a-cup of holy water over it!

(there's an old ADV broad-cast by Dr William Pierce called "Shocking Differences" that goes into the abv in some detail, too!....but....hvn't got the "link" to hand @ the moment!)


"I say unto you: 'stand! men of the West' !" (Aragorn: "The Return of the King" by J R R Tolkien)


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