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Author Topic: White People's Betrayl of Reality & Reason

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White People's Betrayl of Reality & Reason
« on: 23 May 2011 at 00:36 »

by Val Koinen April 26, 2011

 Some thoughts about facts, truth, knowledge, accuracy, and objective reality…

 We teach our kids about the virtue and necessity of those kinds of things in a modern, functioning society; and we tell them it is good and proper that they learn about them.

 They kind of go together with such concepts as good sense, common sense, proper behavior, right-versus-wrong, value of an education, the value of the scientific method and the need for a rational basis for action, etc.; all of which we also try to teach our children.

 We teach them to recognize and to develop knowledge and skills that will enable them to differentiate between those things and such inappropriate and undesirable things (when it comes to serious and proper adult activities and behavior) as ignorance, fairy tales, old wives’ tales, superstition, wrong-headedness, lies, deceit, and propaganda.

 And for good reason. After all, you can’t build rockets and spaceships and go to the moon and beyond if you don’t have your facts right; if your math is wrong; if you don’t have the knowledge to know what you are doing. You can’t cure diseases until you learn the truth about what causes them. You can’t conceptualize, develop, and fly airplanes without having your mechanical and aerodynamic truth, facts, and knowledge in good order. You can’t build hydroelectric dams and powerplants without dealing with facts and reality. You can hardly even build a house, or a model airplane for that matter, without having true, factual, and accurate plans to work from. True, a lot of things can be done and done well by following the teachings and using the knowledge and skills of learned elders and experienced journeymen. But you must still have a basis of tried and tested, fact-based methodology.

 On the other hand, you can write stories (called fiction), produce movies and television shows, produce advertising, and pontificate in newspaper columns based on ignorance, lies, misconceptions, outright deliberate deception, and either a mistakenly ignorant or deliberately inaccurate or falsified sense of reality. And, sadly, history and current events have taught us over and over again that we can also run a country, order and control societies, and wage wars based on a severe lack of factuality and truthfulness.

 And that brings us to the survival and advancement – the natural progression – of our White race and our Western Civilization. Keeping in mind the critical importance of facts, truth, knowledge, accuracy, and objective reality in accomplishing real things, things that really matter – ask yourself – how can we expect our race, our culture, and our civilization to survive and prosper on a foundation of ignorance, lies, and factual incorrectness?

 The answer is, simply, that we cannot. And yet that is exactly what is happening. That is what we are trying to do. We all know that we have to measure things accurately and do our math correctly to build a rocket ship, yet we choose to ignore and neglect the truth, and as a result we seem to chronically make the wrong decisions and choices, when it comes to running our governments and ordering our societies for the good of our people. Based on that all too common disdain for facts and truthfulness, we even persist in doing the wrong things when it comes to the very survival of our people as a subspecies of humanity.

 Let me illustrate with a few examples:

 We are told that race is just a social construct and that we are “all the same under the skin” – that “race doesn’t matter.” But that is false – it is a blatant lie. The races of humankind are significantly – nay, substantially – different in many important ways – physically, intellectually, and behaviorally. And they are genetically predisposed to compete for geographic living space and political power. And the races that cannot or will not compete are always, eventually, displaced or overpowered by those that do.

 We teach our kids about the “beauty of multiculturalism” and that “diversity is our strength,” but those too are false mantras; those too are lies. It has been well established that diverse and multicultural societies tend to be relatively contentious, problematic, and divisive; and that homogeneous societies – societies made up of people sharing a commonness of race and culture – are the most cooperative, amiable, trusting, and stable.

 We tell our people that the huge influx (the veritable deluge) of mestizos, both quasi-legal and illegal, results in a net economic benefit to our society; when the opposite is the obvious truth. That flood of non-White immigration is bankrupting the affected areas; it is killing us.

 We continue to promote and indoctrinate our children with the exaggerations and lies of the Jewish WW II “Holocaust,” and we build edifices (“temples”) to that fictionalized event so we (and our little kids) can grovel before that altar of Jewish “persecution.” When the fact is that that grossly exaggerated if not mostly artificially concocted supposed event was in reality largely created by Jews and endlessly promoted by them to demean and stigmatize Germans and all White people of European descent for that matter; to rationalize and legitimize their “Jewish State” of Israel and excuse their maltreatment of Palestinians; and to extort countless billions of dollars from Germany, Switzerland, other European countries, and America.

 We swallow the line, and teach our children, that it is natural and good and only fair to fully integrate the darker races into our society, even to the extent of letting our daughters copulate with blacks – when in fact doing those things is horribly harmful, even deadly to our cities, our nation, our economy, our peace and tranquility, our gene pool, and our people’s continued existence.

 We legislate and mandate colored preferences via such things as “affirmative action,” quotas, and set-asides when the truthful fact is that those things amount to nothing less than blatant discrimination against our people and are hugely detrimental to our society.

 We tell ourselves that Negroes can behave in a civilized manner and be law-abiding members of our advanced societies – WRONG!

 … that Negroes for that matter can succeed in fully participating in an orderly “Western” society and civilization, even in areas where they predominate – WRONG!

 … that Negroes can learn just like our kids and can successfully participate in an integrated public school system without lowering educational standards, causing undue disruption, damage, and huge costs to White patrons and taxpayers – WRONG!

 … that mestizos just want to share in our culture and society as they seek a better life for themselves – WRONG! (They see their ever-growing presence as an early stage of their “reconquista” of our lands.)

 … that we can continue to have a good, solid culture and society that are compatible with our White genetic makeup and European heritage if we let additional hordes of mestizos into our country – WRONG!

 … that the Jews are somehow a “chosen” people – WRONG!

 … that the Jews are just a poor, historically persecuted people with a different kind of religion, who have been misunderstood and mistreated down through the years through no fault of their own – WRONG!

 … that the Jews don’t exert an undue and malevolent influence over our White American culture, society, and governance through their grossly disproportionate control of banking and finance, the legal and judicial system, academia, the media and entertainment industry, and political spending – WRONG!

 … that we can continue to have a lawful, fair, and orderly society if we let countless Muslims come into our country and build their mosques and practice their culture and their “Sharia law” – WRONG!

 It all just makes one wonder – do we, as a people, even want to live in a truthful, fact-based society grounded in reality? Or would we really prefer for our children and grandchildren to struggle and be exploited and brutalized in a death-to-the-White-people society dominated by Negroes, mestizos, and above all, the ever-powerful Jews? Do we want to see our once-great culture (“Western Civilization”) extinguished and for us as a people to eventually be physically exterminated? Or do we just want to live our celebrity-worshipping and consumption-dominated lives in ignorance of the entire problem?

 Wouldn’t it be better if we tried to re-learn the virtues of truth and knowledge as applied to public education, politics, governance, social legislation, and foreign policy? If we insisted on ordering our society and enacting laws based on truth, factuality, and reality? Shouldn’t we take the blinders off; remove our rose-colored glasses, and try to look directly into the face of reality, people? And then try to pump up our courage, “man up,” and start facing the problem of trying to do something about these things by joining the effort to rescue our people from total social and political dispossession, and from impending oblivion?

Noli Nothis Permittere Te Terere
The only way to prevent 1984 is 2323

Reverend Cailen Cambeul, P.M.E.
Church Administrator, Creativity Alliance
Church of Creativity South Australia
Box 420, Oaklands Park, SA, Australia, 5046

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