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Author Topic: Australia First Party Federal Registration Restored Yesterday

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The following was passed to us from Australia First Party. We happily reproduce it with our hearty congratulations.

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Australia First Party Federal Registration Restored Yesterday

We were advised this morning and can now report to all Australian First Party members and to our supporters and allies, that the Federal registration of the party was restored yesterday.

The Australian Electoral Commission confirmed that our appeal against de-registration last July had been successful.

The long review process had disappointed us, in that it placed the party in a type of political limbo which limited our capacity to negotiate with other forces. The presence of a registered nationalist party upon the landscape is a vital asset in our overall political struggle. It allows us to win community and political friends and to participate in the electoral process to raise our profile and to recruit new members. Nonetheless, the time taken to improve our membership base has proved beneficial to the party’s knowledge of its own resources and in building new contacts.

Australia First Party will participate in the 2016 Federal poll.

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One Nation (Western Australia) To Unite With Australia First

One Nation (Western Australia) is to unite with Australia First. The arrangements are to be worked out in final detail at a meeting in Perth in about two weeks time The decision was made after an AGM and is heartily welcomed by us.

A statement will be issued after the unity meeting.

There will be a lot of practical things to do in order to unite our organisations. The determination is there to achieve that in short shrift.

There needs to be more ‘unity’ in the nationalist scene. Formal unification is one side of that and close co-operation another. In this case, unification was the best option.

We welcome the One Nation (Western Australia) leadership team to Australia First.
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