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Author Topic: Court Says [s]Creativity Movement[/s] Is Not A "Religion"

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Re: Court Says [s]Creativity Movement[/s] Is Not A "Religion"
« Reply #5 on: 09 October 2010 at 14:55 »
in the US, they need a definitive SCotUS "ruling" on this matter.....but, of course, running such a case requires a literal mountain of cash!

i think that, in Australia, the definition of what constitutes a religion is a bit more loose!......the relevant section of the Australian Constitution (s 116) seems to afford significant latitude with respect to "religion"!

the problem in Australia is that it is a lot more difficult to "mount" a case in the High Court of Australia than it is in the the latter, all you need is money, in need both money and luck......many High Court cases do not proceed past the "vetting"/"leave-to-appeal" stage and are never heard!


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I suggest that we follow in Klassen's style and adopt a Roman form of dress, at least for Ministers in a formal/religious setting. This could entail a similar uniform as the Roman Catholic vestment, which includes the alb, dalmatic, chasuble and a stole on the outside. We don't need to use all of these but a full uniform for Minister's could involve some, if not all of these garments. Obviously, these would be customised to suit our religion, with the Xian cross replaced by the Signum Album and colours of the garment made more suitable to the creed. Ministers wouldn't be expected to wear these garments at all times, not even at informal Church meetings but at formal occasions which would include weddings, funerals, child pledging ceremonies and perhaps at an annual Church mass.

I agree, Rev. Scott.  Religion is manifest not only through an inner commitment but through an outward manifestation as well.  Not to digress, but I'm all for symbolic seperation as well.  Ie, ministers practicing Salubrious Living, following the Alliance's dress code- or Our Founder's proposed "status quo ante" style of dress- in professional, yet not ceremonial conduct.


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