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Author Topic: Kreator (somebody can't spell)

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Re: Kreator (somebody can't spell)
« Reply #10 on: 13 October 2010 at 04:40 »
This band is crap
Nobody said that were racist. Let me guess, you also dont like the song because you dont like the music ? What a boring place Earth would be if we all liked the same music. If you like this type of music, you like it. Metal and Rock bands make music to make money ... not for the White Race but for themselves. I like the Rock music from the 70`s and also the more speedier Metal/Punk of the 80`s - for this reason also the fast Oi RAC bands (I`m no skinhead, my hair fall out naturally ... I like the energy), this does not make me any less a Creator than anybody else on this forum. I dont buy into their "we are all equal" BS, but like the music. I`ve been listening to this genre for 25 years ... old habits die hard. I`ve tried Classical music but it puts me to sleep, something you can ill afford in South Africa.

There's always a song that has to wreck it for me. That's why I normally choose WP music over anything else, there's rarely any let down
Even here we get scumbags. Rahowa`s Burdi today licks Jew sphinkter. Although I like Rahowa`s music, Burdi`s voice sucks big time. Here is a tribute to the old schoolers ... you know who you are

Actually, I'm quite a fan of metal music, so it's not the music that bothers me Brother, but the message. I can tolerate non-racist bands that are neutral in their views, but that song, especially coming from Germany, was a direct freaking assault on Hitler, and racialists in general, meaning us. So F that band and their "humankind".
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