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Author Topic: Matt Hayhow (37 AC - 03 March)

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RE: Matt Hayhow (37 AC - 03 March)
« Reply #5 on: 17 April 2010 at 15:54 »
Good to see that he's still a Creator and advocates exactly what we do today. I'll send him a letter this week along with another to Reverend's Loeb, Esposito and Hale. We have to look after our own and unfortunately ...

Reverend Hayhow's name has been co opted as one of Mr Hardy Caroll Lloyd's supporting personas, so Reverend Hayhow's name at the moment is mud. If anyone here sees another person link the two, you can now safely dissuade them of yet another Hardy Caroll Lloyd multiracial fallacy.

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Matt Hayhow (38 AC - 05 May)

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