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Author Topic: Propaganda Application

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Propaganda Application
« on: 28 March 2010 at 06:10 »
Propaganda Application
By Rev. Dan Hassett

Propaganda Application

RAHOWA!! The majority of us have engaged in an extensive amount of research and pontification concerning the purpose of our pilgrimage here on planet Earth. Such interest and conduct on our part has been precipitated by the vital necessity of racial survival,and our natural inquisitive nature. These manifest qualities inherent in us has enabled us to accumulate a vast quantity of knowledge and a penetrating comprehension of our World. The above concerns and quality attributes are part and parcel and constitute an integral part of our innate nature as White People. However,in this jewized world that we reside in--our natural characteristics have been supplanted by all the inane diversions of this jewized society. A significant portion of the White population succumb to the inversion of our intrinsic values and our natural being. Invariably, our People still contain the properties of our magnificent genetic and cultural heritage although they are largely dormant at this time. It is imperative that we comprehend this phenomena and employ the proper methods to remedy this situation. Basically, it is imperative that we appeal to their suppressed genetic traits and revitalize them. In order to accomplish this objective, we must structure our propaganda content accordingly.

Before we can begin to counteract the devastating impact of the jewish propaganda on the thinking process and behavior of our folk--we must first understand the basics of human nature and the insidious nature of the jew propaganda. It is essential that we all know the nature of our folk and the goals and methods of our enemies. Once we are cognizant of the above information, then we can convey and transmit our philosophy in a form that will be most conducive to generating the interests of our People. However, I'm not advocating that we dilute our message, but the form and the manner in which we express ourselves does warrant our utmost scrutiny and consideration.

At the crux of our dilemma, many of our folk have been severed from their culture and heritage. Hence, many are lacking in constructive values and ideas. Since reforming one's values is at best a long-term task and correlates to a person's ideas--we need to concentrate our propaganda efforts to combat the erroneous ideas they harbor. Simultaneously, we need to provide some education and instruction in our religious philosophy to inculcate our world-view. Our folk definitely need to be made aware that there is an alternative to the jewish philosophy and society.

Unfortunately, the average person is lacking the most rudimentary knowledge of basic information on the race issues which are so pertinent to our future preservation. Therefore,we must develop our informational propaganda to accommodate the absence of knowledge of our folk. We must start with the most elementary basics. You don't attempt to teach someone geometry who hasn't learned to divide and multiply yet. Consequently, basic knowledge must be incorporated and placed in it's proper context so the recipient can understand the relevance of the information and documentation being presented. Our Document "Facts That The Government and Media Don't Want You to Know" is a conspicuous example of the adept execution of the above mentioned principles.

Volumes can be created about propaganda methods and techniques since this is an extensive subject. Comprehension of the basics can yield productive results though. Also, in conjunction with the information and documentation which we generously share with the public, we should also be poised to capitalize on calamities in this world that are relevant to us. For example, if a Member resided in Wichita, Kansas where several Whites were abducted and murdered by homicidal,anti-White Blacks--that Member should echo what transpired and emphasize the facts that Hate Crime Laws aren't being applied to the Blacks despite their obvious hatred for White People. This incident could be utilized to educate our People in general about two aspects of this event: the anti-White nature of Blacks, and the double-standard that exists within JOG concerning Race and their Hate Crime Laws.

Remember,the intrinsic purpose and goals relative to our educational activities is to inform,unite,arouse and include our folk in our vanguard for victory. If our propaganda is consistently in compliance with those guidelines our efforts will bear fruit! RAHOWA!!

Reverend Dan Hassett
"United and organized the White Race is ten times as powerful as the rest of the world combined."


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