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Author Topic: Granting Asylum to White South African ‘Perverse,’ Ottawa Says

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Granting Asylum to White South African ‘Perverse,’ Ottawa Says

The federal government has denounced as “perverse” a refugee board ruling that granted asylum to white South African Brandon Huntley on the grounds he could face persecution in his homeland because of his skin color.

In a written submission to the Federal Court of Canada, the government said the ruling that Mr. Huntley’s claim was “justified” is unreasonable and based on a “jaundiced assessment”, by the one-man board, of conditions within South Africa.

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney is asking the Federal Court for permission to seek a judicial review of the ruling by board member William Davis.

Mr. Davis’ ruling in late August sparked outrage in South Africa where, among other things, the governing African National Congress said the reasoning behind the decision “can only serve to perpetuate racism.”

In Ottawa, Abraham Sokhaya Nkomo, South Africa’s ambassador to Canada, told Canwest News Service Mr. Davis’s ruling was shocking and could seriously damage relations between the two countries.

Within days, the federal government announced it was taking the rare step of appealing a decision by the Immigration and Refugee Board.

The federal submission took Davis to task for effectively accepting Huntley’s argument that he did not seek police protection after allegedly being attacked six or seven times by black South Africans because he did not trust a police force dominated by blacks to help him.

It said Mr. Huntley, who hails from Cape Town, failed to provide “clear and convincing” evidence of the South African government’s inability to protect him.

Mr. Davis’ implicit acceptance of Mr. Huntley’s argument represents a “disturbing view” that “rests largely on the board’s jaundiced assessment of the country conditions,” the government said.

It took strong issue with the statement by Mr. Huntley, who is living in Ottawa, he would stick out like a “sore thumb” because of his colour if he was forced to live anywhere in South Africa.

Dismissing the statement as “unreasonable and perverse,” the government cited figures from Statistics South Africa that said whites form a sizeable minority in the country, ranging from 23.9% of the population of Pretoria, for example, to 16% in both Port Elizabeth and Johannesburg.

The government said that while it is “indisputable” that crime is prevalent in South Africa, all South Africans are affected, regardless of race.

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Did an image search of this Canada immigration minister Jason Kenney.  He is seen with just about every type of mud that wants to immigrate to Canada, but not with any Whites.  Typical Christian race traitor. 

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On principle I don't think Whites should run, but populate and expand. To put things in context the Boers are in the same position as the Anglos where on the coast of North America in 1600. Before them lies the opportunity to conquer a continent and build a White world in Africa. The White South Africans need to ditch their Jew worshipping Christian suicidal mind set (embracing snivelling cowardice) and start thinking like Creators! how would 4 million Romans think? Or 4 million Spartans? They would drive the muds before them!
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^ Yeah that's right. They would have! But the thing is the UN holds too much power over White Nations and such nations are frightened about the sanctions they create for them.

How Whites got America, a cool cartoon to ponder.
The Price is Reich!

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Re: Granting Asylum to White South African ‘Perverse,’ Ottawa Says
« Reply #4 on: 17 December 2016 at 04:10 »
Whites deserve equal rights! :)


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