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Author Topic: South Africa`s White Voice

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South Africa`s White Voice
« on: 02 September 2009 at 20:03 »
Bok Van Blerk caused a real uproar with these three songs - the commie alliance branded them "revolutionary" - and they know the term well. As was expected, he was branded a "racist". So what ? Who cares ?

The first song "De La Rey", is about the greatest Boer General that ever lived - fellow Boers said of him that he was to moderate before the war; but when the crap eventually hit the fan between the Boers and British, and the war was almost over, they had to beg him to surrender. After a peace deal was signed between the two groups, he was assassinated. In the song Van Blerk asks De La Rey to come lead the Boers - today the Boers are leaderless, waiting for something or someone to put them back in power. This song scared the crap out of the african congress of nignogs - they know what De La Rey was all about - guerilla warfare.

De La Rey

The second song is dedicated to all the 18 year old boys that lost their lives in the border war that started in 1966 and ended in 1989. It is entitled "Kaplyn" - a piece of no-mans land between the SA and SWA border. In the song he asks his fellow soldiers if they want him back at the border - obviously where they fought the commie scum. Its a very emotional video with footage taken from the SADF archives - 18 years old boys that fought the enemies of freedom, the enemies of self-determination, the enemies of the White Race - boys that died before they had a chance to live.


The third song is called "Tyd om te trek" - meaning "time to move". It depicts the current situation in SA where muds openly hate and provoke the Whites. Just as the Boers "trekked" away from their enemies in the past, an massive emigration of Whites out of SA took place - mostly to the UK, Australia and the States - so much so that the White population in SA decreased from 6 million to 4.5 million.


Unfortunately Bok is strongly Boer and sings in Afrikaans - he became a hero overnight in SA, loved by Afrikaans and English Whites alike. I take my hat off to Bok - being proud of his culture and not sitting on his talent, but living it out !
"We go back to the basic Laws of Nature : Take Care of Your Own, Love your Own. Hate your Enemies, Destroy your Enemies. The Law of Survival of your own kind is the Highest Law of Nature and Transcends All Others" - Ben Klassen



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