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Author Topic: Chat Commands

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Chat Commands
« on: 21 July 2009 at 10:05 »
Join a channel:   /join Channelname
Create a private room (Registered users only):   /join
Invite someone (e.g. to a private room):   /invite Username
Revoke invitation:   /uninvite Username
Logout from Chat:   /quit
Private message:   /msg Username Text
Open a private channel:   /query Username
Close a private channel:   /query
Describe action:   /action Text
Describe action in private message:   /describe Username Text
Ignore/accept messages from user:   /ignore Username
List ignored users:   /ignore
Display user channel:   /whereis Username
Kick a user (Moderators only):   /kick Username [Minutes banned]
Unban a user (Moderators only):   /unban Username
List banned users (Moderators only):   /bans
Display user IP (Moderators only):   /whois Username
List online users:   /who [Channelname]
List available channels:   /list
Roll dice:   /roll [number]d[sides]
Change username:   /nick Username
Set as Away From Computer:   /away
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