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Author Topic: Community Activity: 30 Open Seats To Social Gaming Event Online

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R!  I am hosting a community event for those of this forum and other like minded individuals.
It will cost you nothing to join.

Think of it as a weekly poker night that you can attend any day of the week of your choosing.

I have 30 open seats and the name of the game is "VGA Planets 4".

It is a play by E-mail game where you install the game software and get your turn file from an online source, usually email.
You open your turn in the game client software and take your turn.
When you are finished you click a button to end your turn, and then you send your turn file back.
When the time comes to run the host program, all of the turns are processed and the next round of turns are made.

Here are some links awhile.


This is a space war kind of game and it is pretty complex in game play, you will probably have a lot of fun figuring it out. :)  They don't make games with this kind of game-play complexity anymore, and with that being said... this long term game isn't really geared towards competition and fighting against each other as much as it is about just having something fun to look forward to and maybe kicking some A.I. butt from time to time.

The game will start from the beginning, a very slow and somewhat boring place to start. When new players join they can be "dealt in" and given some planets, ships, bases, etc.

You can join the game without buying a license to register it. Registering the game ($30) allows you to access higher technology ratings. Unregistered players may suffer from lower technology ratings but a bunch of ship with low cost and low tech can still defeat a higher technology ship if they gang up on it, so you aren't really at a disadvantage.

Before you join, you need to decide which race/playing style you want to play as.
There are many choices, all have their pro's and con's.

View the races:

If you want to join the game, send me a message and I'll "deal" you in and help you get your client software set up.

Oh, before I forget, I've played this game twice and lost. I'm not very good at it but it is pretty addicting. So...  don't think I'm some kind of VGA Planets 4 hustler or anything like that haha.

Message me to join!

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