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Author Topic: A Ship Doesn’t Sail With Yesterday’s Wind

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A Ship Doesn’t Sail With Yesterday’s Wind
« on: 16 March 2016 at 17:22 »
Attached is a PDF file for motivation.

Here is a sample:

The Four Flavors of Innovation

Innovation is as much a process as it is an
attitude. Many people think innovation has a binary
quality, that is, a person is either innovative or he is
not. Allen Fahden suggested that innovation comes in
four different flavors according to a person’s behavioral
preference concerning innovation. Some people prefer
to come up with new ideas. CREATORS like to think
outside the usual patterns and paradigms. These
people are original thinkers and are excited about
creating new possibilities.

There is a second group of innovators who
don’t like to create new ideas but rather would prefer to
advance or promote new ideas. These people are
called ADVANCERS. Advancers are cheerleaders who
move ideas past barriers of opposition by
enthusiastically selling the new ideas to others. A third
group of innovators does not want to create or advance
new ideas but rather prefers to evaluate the new idea’s
feasibility. REFINERS can be thought of as “honest
brokers” or “devil’s advocates” in their desire to see if
the new idea can actually be performed given real
world constraints of time, money, people, and other
performance measures.

Finally, there is a fourth group who doesn’t want
to create, advance, or refine new ideas but prefers to
implement these ideas. EXECUTORS want to put new
ideas into practice.
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