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17 September 2019 at 09:55
Newly discovered photo of Ben Klassen at Otto, NC. 8/8/88,11578.0.html
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25 August 2019 at 08:00
We don't always notice the MSM banging on about us ... but when we do, we make sure to keep it. So check out the usual "Nazi" bullshit from the anti-White SPLC in our latest half dozen posts in CREATIVITY IN THE MSM (NEWS).
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11 August 2019 at 04:05
CA-TV Video Player added to the Chat:

More videos will be added soon.
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24 July 2019 at 18:58
MSM News: Sand-Niggers bitch about Creators teaching RaHoWa to Kids:,11487.0.html
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24 July 2019 at 18:55
It's time to write to PM Joe NOW! before he gets out and writes to you.
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12 June 2019 at 09:44
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02 June 2019 at 11:11
Chat has been updated and sounds are now working in HTML5!
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01 June 2019 at 23:01
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28 May 2019 at 00:12
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25 May 2019 at 09:06

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Author Topic: Austrian Hotel Bans Jews - Watch Jews Declare Australians Anti-Semitic

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Austrian hotel bans Jews,22606,25459759-5005962,00.html

A HOTEL in Austria has outraged local tourism and fellow hotel owners by banning Jewish guests.

The Haus Sonnenhof apartment hotel in the village of Serfaus, Tyrol, is said to have turned away a Jewish family because of "bad experiences" in the past, the daily Tiroler Tageszeitung reports.

The hotel owner allegedly emailed the family and told them although the room was free, she did want to take in Jewish guests.

The Haus Sonnenhof's reaction has angered other hotels in Serfaus, which has become popular with orthodox Jewish tourists in recent years.

"One such incident could destroy all the hard work by others in the travel industry," Hotel Alpenruh-Micheluzzi owner Petra Micheluzzi told the German Press Agency, DPA.

She said this was a view echoed by local and regional tourism officials.

The father of the rejected Jewish family has reportedly shunned the village of Serfaus and taken the family elsewhere to holiday.

"I don't want to spend my vacation in such a racist nest, and I will inform all my friends about what is going on in Tyrol," he told DPA.


Quote (selected)
We all decry the small mindedness of the Hausl Sonnenhof, and many point at them and cry "racist" for pre-judging an entire group of people on the basis of a "bad experience" in the past. At the very same time the, the father of Jewish family have done the exact same thing, describing the village of Serfaus as a "racist nest" and shunning all of them on the actions of just one hotelier. The claim of racism is so easy to make, but all too often the alleged victims behave just as badly as the alleged perpetrators.
Posted by:
Glen Gitsham of Adelaide
9:09am today

I don't believe in the racism word anymore, and those who use it are not very intelligent. It's a word that people hide behind to avoid criticism and blame all their ill's in life.
Posted by: john of sydney 9:07am today

2 wrongs dont make a right here we have a hotel saying it is banning a family it says because it's jewish or bad experience before and then we have a jewish family saying all jews should stop going there ban the hotel not the whole town extremes on both sides
Posted by: David Armistead of chelsea 8:56am today

I would think that you wouldn't base your opinion of a place simply by the first hotel you try and book. I would also think that all the other hotels would love to have the extra business if this bloke is giving it away.
Posted by: Kato of Canberra 8:50am today

So banning Jews from a Hotel they consider racist, but banning Palestinians from their own cities & country isn't?
Posted by: Hard to believe of Brisbane 8:48am today

The above comments in the South Australian newspaper, the Adelaide Advertiser, (which incidentally, is where Rupert Murdoch began his multimedia empire) show that White people are waking up to the complete and utter tripe of the Jewish and Marxist agenda. They no longer have the expected singular knee-jerk reaction to keywords such as "racist." These comments are positive proof that we do have a chance as a race, and we do not need to be the extreme of the extreme of the extreme to reach our desired goal of freedom from Jewish influence and to bring about a White world as soon as possible.

Noli Nothis Permittere Te Terere
The only way to prevent 1984 is 2323

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The fact is that the kike is the most racist of all - the have a "holy state" all to themselves - but when the White Man stands up for his own he is branded a racist. In South Africa the kaffirs, like the kike, have been blaming Apartheid for all the problems facing the once great country - but like elsewhere in the world, the White Man is waking up to the fact that he is the target of so-called racism - as if there is any thing wrong with racism ! Maybe the Australians can go the extra mile and kick them kikes out of the country - what a great day it is going to be when the kikes are all in their "holy state" with the highest inflation in the world; and the state that is being kept alive with White money. Part of White Victory is going to be when they are all in one spot !!! Rahowa !!!
"We go back to the basic Laws of Nature : Take Care of Your Own, Love your Own. Hate your Enemies, Destroy your Enemies. The Law of Survival of your own kind is the Highest Law of Nature and Transcends All Others" - Ben Klassen



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