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Author Topic: WHITE SECURITY: Private Security for Whites

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Re: WHITE SECURITY: Private Security for Whites
« Reply #5 on: 15 February 2020 at 13:34 »
Thanks. Listening to "In Klassen We Trust" right now

In Klassen We Trust is Matt Hale bullshitting you. Most are right, most are honest, but Hale does lie to you. Matt Hale does manipulate you, because you are the listener listening to a trained lawyer, trained to manipulate the innocent. I used to know and give the examples - now, I just don't care. Do yourself a favour and avoid that twat.

If you want to listen to something, listen or watch Ben Klassen himself and avoid the fraud Hale that was dumb enough while he was in solitary to order his skinheads to pick a fight with the Aryan Brotherhood so that his skinheads create their own skinhead/prison gang to take over pubs and prisons. Hale failed.

. . . .

Just to be sure: Creators with the Creativity Alliance in prison are assured of protection from the Aryan Brotherhood - Not everywhere, but we are getting there. The Creativity Alliance does not support Matt Hale.

Have you ever watched the Ben Klassen videos we have available?

I've given enough info on Hale over the years. Do not ask for more as repetition pisses me off.
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Re: WHITE SECURITY: Private Security for Whites
« Reply #6 on: 21 February 2020 at 00:13 »
I have seen Klassen's "Survival of the White Race"; interview on race and reason with Metzger and his presentation on Salubrious Living. I'll check.

White Suicide + Jewish & Mud White Genocide= Jewish Supremacism & Most importantly......White Genocide....
Solution: White Identity +[=] Jewish & Mud expulsion=Jewish & Mud Genocide= White Supremacy


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