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Author Topic: Health Advice

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Health Advice
« on: 25 January 2020 at 02:09 »
I have recently started having bad reactions to the heat. Heat Exhaustion/Heat Stroke is understandable when the weather is 40 degrees Celsius, but I'm now getting the same reactions at 25 degrees Celsius.

The Symptoms:

* Feeling overheated after only a few minutes outside
* Followed by dizzy spells and disorientation
* Eventual result is the appearance of drunkenness and loss of memory
* Have also woken up at night (Temp: 25C) feeling like I'm roasting, not knowing where I am
- I do drink enough water - often enough to feel bloated

Prior to this summer in November last year when it first started to get hot, at 30 and 35 degrees Celsius, I was satisfied to put the fan on and go about my business more or less ignoring the weather. The change in how I deal with the heat is relatively sudden.

Other Factors
* I do have high blood pressure which prevents me from sleeping
* Lack of sleep causes me to stagger the next day and results in accusations of drunkenness

Do I Prescribe to Salubrious Living?
No. I did that for four years in the early 90's and made myself sick. I don't eat much these days and I never touch caffeine.

Do I drink?
Yes. I drink a lot less than I used to.
I do not drink spirits or high alcohol wines.
I only drink beer and the occasional cheap, low alcohol white wine mixed with (half to three-quarters of) lemon soda.
If I do drink spirits or fortified wine, it is in the cold of winter - perhaps a shot or two maybe once a week/month at the most.

I don't drink every day, but what if I don't drink at all?
I lose all tolerance for arseholes and turn violent - with alcohol, I can tolerate people's bullshit.
If I have been kept awake overnight because of high blood pressure (which is often), I become positively vicious - but a few drinks is all it takes to relax me.

Heat combined with fatigue/lack of sleep due to high blood pressure seems to guarantee blackouts/loss of memory.
Adding alcohol to that makes me more willing to associate with people I like - but for those I dislike, it just keeps them safe.

Right now, it is 27 degrees Celsius. If I was to go outside and sit or do some gardening (even in the shade) for five or ten minutes, I would be overheated and dizzy. Make it half an hour or more and I just get worse. I plan to mow the lawn and finish trimming the edges today, but I will wait until it's around 7pm with plenty of shade, a few degrees cooler and definitely no direct sunlight. It'll take about 10 minutes at most.

It's not just gardening that I have to avoid: No driving, no walks in the park, no sitting outside relaxing in the shade. All I can do is wait until the best possible circumstances, do what I have to do as quickly as possible; mow the lawn, drive to the shop, whatever .... And then get back inside ASAP under the fan or air-conditioner. Just driving the half an hour (and then back) to check my post office box recently left me staggering and disoriented - then my high blood pressure kicked in adding migraines to it and that screwed me completely with a total loss of memory. When the same thing happened to a lesser degree after just mowing the lawn and sitting in the shade on a much cooler day ... I realised something was wrong.

I would normally say to myself, "Harden the f. up and get over it. It's just a few warm days." But losing my memory, staggering around and behaving like someone without any self-discipline (like the rest of the drugged out *ed up world) because the weather is just barely slightly warm? This is ridiculous.

I will take it up with my doctor next time I go to pick up a prescription for the blood pressure and stomach acid medication, but for now - and since this is all relatively new to me - I'm still trying to determine all the symptoms and recognise all the patterns, as well as adjusting my behaviour however needed in order to cope with whatever the hell this is.

So, anyone got any advice? Or have I just reported the symptoms of male bloody menopause and need to wear a patch on my scrote or something like that?
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