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Author Topic: Ben Klassen’s Gravesite

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Ben Klassen’s Gravesite
« on: 06 September 2019 at 14:04 »
We are needing go volunteer Creators who might venture to Otto, NC, to do some much-needed maintenance on BK's 1/4-acre grave site.

Hopefully, we will have success finding volunteer Creators here in the states that will go maintain the Founder's resting place.

Below is a picture of the grave site after when some fine fellows did in the spring of 2009. It had not been maintained in years until then, and I have many doubts that it has been maintained since then. Inexcusable!

I can perhaps help direct those who will, as far as giving directions, tools needed, etc.
We need supporters and volunteers to make this happen!

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Re: Ben Klassen’s Gravesite
« Reply #1 on: 06 September 2019 at 23:20 »
And who the hell is we?

I've managed to arrange three times over the years for Creators to clean up the Necropolis - And I'm in Australia. That's three times more often than Hale. That's Hale who abandoned the place and treated Founder Klassen as just some old man that wrote books. And yeah, three times more often than Hale's skinheads or any of his cultists.

You claim the lack of maintenance is inexcusable? Where the hell have you been the last 23 years? Or have you just recently discovered Creativity and attached yourself to that fruitloop that will die in prison?

As for those fine fellows you refer to and incompetently claim to have included photos of, they were members of this Church, and here's the pictures:;cat=14

Do not come here and dictate to us. We do not associate with Hale flunkies.
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