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Author Topic: Abo Garry Narkle: Australia's Worst Rapist

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Abo Garry Narkle: Australia's Worst Rapist
« on: 08 June 2019 at 08:30 »

The rapist - Aboriginal, Garry Narkle - told a prison psychiatrist, Dr Mark Hall, that his crimes had been “an act of rebellion against the system that prevented Aboriginals from having equal rights to white people”.

Garry Narkle is Australia's worst rapist. This animal is an Abo that only rapes WHITE WOMEN, MEN and CHILDREN. He rapes them, beats them and tortures them. Why? Because they are WHITE and Narkle is ABORIGINAL. It's Narkle's act of war against WHITE PEOPLE.

In and out of prison like through a revolving door, the JOG is planning to release Narkle tomorrow.

If he was White, his crimes would be taken into account as being racially motivated and he would have been sentenced to decades in prison. For the sexual perversions alone he would probably be denied release and locked up permanently.

Articles everywhere in Australian MSM and never a word about this animal being a Black Supremacist RACIST.

He would also be known throughout the world through the MSM as one of the worst and sickest of White Supremacists that had ever existed."garry+narkle"+aboriginal&ia=web

Sex monster, 64, who raped a series of of men, women and children could be set free as soon as tomorrow - despite fears he might MURDER his next victim

* 'Sex monster' Garry Michael Narkle is eligible to be released from jail on Sunday
* Narkle, 64, has shocking history of heinous crimes against men, woman and kids
* He has spent the past decade in prison for drugging and raping a homeless man
* WA's Department of Public Prosecutions applied to stop Narkle being released
* Supreme Court heard he had showed little remorse and 'crimes could escalate'

Narkle also got away with criminal acts as the courts dropped charges, and/or victims were unable to testify.

November 3, 1979
-  Narkle, 25, is convicted of aggravated offences against two White females. For his crime he is sentenced to six months imprisonment.

October 12, 1981
- The sex monster commits unlawful aggravated assault on a 13-year-old White girl. He is fined $100.

December 11-18, 1981
- Narkle, 26, is sentenced to another six months in jail for two aggravated offences against White women during the same week.

January 16-18, 1982
- Just days before his 27th birthday Narkle carries out a serious sexual offence on a 14-year-old White girl he had abducted. He is sentenced to two years in prison.

July 17, 1984
- Narkle, 29, rapes an 18-year-old White girl and is jailed for six years and ten months. It came less than a fortnight after being released from custody for his previous attack on the teenage White girl.

April 19, 1989
- After being released on parole Narkle, 34, carries out an offence of assault occasioning bodily harm (just violence) against his 20-year-old partner. He is sent back to prison, this time for an additional two months.

July 27, 1990
- Narkle is convicted of two counts of sexual penetration without consent. He is jailed for 10 years. White girls again.

January 18, 1998
- Eight years later after being released on parole, Narkle tries to sexually assault a 15-year-old White girl. He is charged with assault and receives a jail term of seven years, this time without the possibility of parole.

February 18, 2005
- Narkle, 50, commits an indecent assault on a 45-year-old White woman. He is sent to prison for six months.

January 24, 2009
- The 55-year-old meets a homeless White man, 38, at a Perth ATM and invites him back to his caravan. There he drugs and rapes the man, who the next day manages to escape and take himself to hospital where he reports the attack. Narkle is jailed for 10 years. He was eligible for parole on June 9, 2019.

Garry Narkle victim ‘Kylie’ (above) was 17 when the monster
raped her on a lonely road after she gave him a lift.

Decades of rape: Horrific record of a serial sex monster revealed

Branded a “serial sex monster”, Garry Narkle’s horrific rap sheet for rape goes back decades with male and female child and adult victims.

Candace Sutton | News Ltd (Australia) | 8 June 2019

Extract: Narkle, whose violent sex attacks go back decades, typically terrifies his victims, but authorities believe that his behaviour could escalate if freed.

The 64-year-old rapist has revealed under psychiatric examination he blames the rapes on his victims, on the media and on society for unequal rights for Aboriginals.

Anyone but Narkle himself, who one prison psychiatrist said possesses a “grandiose sense of self worth”.

Despite his horrific rap sheet which shows a predilection for “sexual penetration” of both males and females, children and adults, he has “no regard for his victims”.

His significant history of violent sexual offending has terrorised Western Australia.

In particular, Perth’s eastern suburbs has been the rapist’s playground where Narkle has preyed upon victims in opportunistic attacks each and every time he has been let off or released from custody.

Attacking mostly while he was either drunk or on drugs, Narkle has the words “booze” and drugs” tattooed on his chest.

Regarded as one of the nation’s most dangerous rapists, Narkle is now trying to win release from prison.

He has spent almost a decade behind bars in WA’s Casuarina prison after his last crime, of repeatedly raping an ill homeless man he lured to his campervan, drugged and then locked inside.


A look at Narkle’s rape rap sheet reveals a disturbing history of the offences for which he has been caught.

A diagnosed psychopath, Narkle has spent more than three decades behind bars, but has successfully appealed many convictions or sentences.

Almost every one of his attacks has been committed while on parole.

The State of Western Australia’s case in the WA Supreme Court to oppose Narkle’s release says Narkle has “minimised, justified or shifted the blame towards others for his offences”.


The rapist told a prison psychiatrist, Dr Mark Hall, that his crimes had been “an act of rebellion against the system that prevented Aboriginals from having equal rights to white people”.

He said his early childhood experiences influenced his sexual and violent offending behaviour.

Intelligent despite poor education, he blamed societal attitudes of the 1960s and said the “world was against him”.

For Narkle, raping or indecently assaulting people was “a means of escapism, or a form of retribution against others Whites.

In applying to have Narkle declared a “Dangerous Sex Offender”, the Office of the WA Director of Public Prosecutions’ case found Narkle “had a strongly positive regard for himself despite (his) crimes”.

He exhibited “a lack of empathy, lack of remorse and a lack of guilt for his victims” towards whom he “has engaged in threatening, intimidatory and/or violent behaviour”.

. . . .

Garry Narkle will next appear before the WA Supreme Court on September 3, when the State will formally apply for him to be declared a Dangerous Sex Offender (DSO).

A DSO order makes the individual subject to a continuing detention or supervision order under the Dangerous Sexual Offenders Act 2006 (WA).

Asked by the psychiatrist Dr Hall about his sexual development, fantasy and behaviour, Narkle refused to discuss it.

The WA Supreme Court case says Narkle “denied much of his offending history.

“He described a defiant attitude to the justice system and said that he no longer cared what happened to him because he was resigned to dying during his term of imprisonment,” Dr Hall said.

“The majority of his offending occurred when he was inebriated (on) a cocktail of alcohol and medication.
Noli Nothis Permittere Te Terere
The only way to prevent 1984 is 2323

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Re: Abo Garry Narkle: Australia's Worst Rapist
« Reply #1 on: 08 June 2019 at 22:30 »
I had to force myself to read this!
I felt Ill!

I struggle a lot with this one rule for coons and another rule for every other citizen.

I see it of rights and benefits been generously given to Abos as a “consolation prize” for European conquest.

The things I don’t have and struggle to work for are given and either neglected or destroyed with no regard or suitable punishment.

Or People who have Abo heritage but no Australian passport have committed crimes and deported to NZ only to have Lawyers say that Abos need an identity and they have a right to be here so Abo man with that distant heritage gets to remain!

I have been in some Asian countries that are poor but they are not violent like Narkle, they are poor but they find something to do in their poor situation and get on with life peacefully. It is a struggle for them but they have less than Abos do. People are polite and show respect without a culture of drugs and drinking.

Abos are not poor because if the Government don’t come to the party with welfare , mining businesses do with Royalties. They also give employers a subsidy to employ them making them better candidates for jobs over non indigenous Australians.

I am so over this crap and nobody wants to touch this issue and do something fair about it!

The “Chindia” coming in 30 years will surely complete their genocide. It seems like that unfortunately is right on track. The displacement of Whites is alive and well in Australia and NZ.
The Price is Reich!

Find me on Stormfront as QueJumpingAfghan where I have been banned!

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