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Author Topic: History: German Nazi Sailors Set up a Spy Camp in the 1930’s.

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A bushland spot just metres from Australia's 'most haunted highway' and the scene of two grisly murders was also once a Nazi spy camp

The suburban bushland nestled in Sydney's northern beaches at Deep Creek in Narrabeen is thought to have once been home to German sailors who flocked from merchant ships docked on Australian shores in the 1930s.

But the camp is understood to have been run by 'hard-line Nazis' who kept watch on the sailors and Australian activity in the years leading up to the war.
Individuals in charge of the camp tried to shield the outside world from the sinister goings-on by claiming the camp was a 'home away from home' for Germans - but it's believed the almost-desolate camp housed a German intelligence network.

The only remaining sign the sailors had ever ventured to the inconspicuous area is the Swastika symbol and the names of locations in Germany etched onto rock faces

Greg Clancy, from Sydney, has studied Nazi espionage and said the Germans had sent spies all around the world, noting the camp was overrun with 'hard-line Nazis'.

'The Germans were keen on learning the movement of Australian and British ships in this part of the world, industrial production and Australia's defences,' Mr Clancy told Nine News

'The seamen would gather at the camp and relay what they had learned. It would then be transmitted to German authorities by radio.'

He said the 'hard-line Nazis' had been sent over to keep an eye on susceptible sailors.

'The big wigs in Germany were worried about these seamen being exposed to western, liberal values in countries such as Australia. To keep them in line, they put a [hard-line] Nazi from the feared Gestapo [secret police] on every ship,' Mr Clancy said.

Mr Clancy said files kept in the National Archives which were kept by individuals within the camp detail 'every activity' undertaken.

He added that every report was signed off with the chilling phrase: 'Heil Hitler'

And anyone who dared to stray from the party line were flogged (beat) at the 'German Gestapo headquarters' in Narrabeen, according to a 1945 edition of The Canberra Times.

But in the late 1930s the Australian Security Services had been made aware of the camp.

Australian authorities put the camp under surveillance and later raided it when war was officially declared against Germany

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