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Author Topic: Kike censored internet

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Kike censored internet
« on: 05 May 2019 at 21:36 »
Rahowa.. it's now the time to prepare for a time that White people will be purged from the internet and any group that wants to survive needs to go back to the time before the Jew grabbed hold of internet.. this is not a paranoid statement this is the future... We need to return to the days of PO boxes and news letters.. this change needs to happen so our people will get the PO addresses and still be in contact before the pages are pulled without notice.. this WILL HAPPEN AND WE MUST BE PREPARED.. being online enables them to shut us down with NO notice.. I may be overstating this but now is the time... Hope all of you are doing well and really think of our church cause we can cease to communicate almost immediately.. RAHOWA.. Keith



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