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Author Topic: Harold A. "Big Lie" Covington

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Re: Harold A. "Big Lie" Covington
« Reply #45 on: 04 November 2013 at 01:10 »
I've read most of the threads that pop on a search of "Covington" already and like I said I'm not a fan of his at all.  An e-mail exchange with him two years ago left me with an impression of an abrasive sob and I'm not impressed with anyone trying to gain followers by smearing other members of the WN community (if such a community exists at all)which he does constantly on his radio show.

My post pointed two things: the idea of establishing a white base, a fort if you like.  And the idea of one of your members using the judicial system to actually sue someone.  So what's your take on theses?

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Re: Harold A. "Big Lie" Covington
« Reply #46 on: 04 November 2013 at 01:56 »
In Racial Loyalty no. 41 (August '88) Klassen wrote an article entitled "This Planet is All Ours." He condemned territorial fragmentation as "bizarre and insane" saying that it "hardly warrants our consideration." That article is available online.

Matt Hale encouraged his church to consolidate near his headquarters in Illinois, but that's a different idea from balkanizing the United States.

Concerning the lawsuit, even among honest folk there are disagreements. At this point in time it would probably be better to save everyone's time and money by settling out of court. Arbitration is one such method that is cheaper, faster, and doesn't involve the government. I would suggest that over suing a brother or sister. Disagreeing in unity is a different thing entirely than disagreeing to cause disunity and should be handled accordingly.

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Re: Harold A. "Big Lie" Covington
« Reply #47 on: 04 November 2013 at 03:32 »
Covington smeared our Premier Church (with filth I will not repeat here), it's Founder and Membership, then attempted to sue Founder Klassen and Reverend Will Williams when they countered his smears with a dose of the truth ... and Covington lost. Having lost his case did not stop Covington, and so over the years he only become more viral with this claims and counter claims. And with the success of Creativity, Covington was able to spread his disease to our natural enemies, the Christinsane, who seized upon Covington's filth as if it was the manner of their own salvation and ran with it ... and so it continues to this day. Reverend Will Williams saw the success that a court house had dealing with a problem like Covington, and so took Covington back to court to force him to prove himself or admit to slander and libel. Covington refused to attend the court and instead sent a letter to the judge stating that Reverend Williams is a neo-Nazi, White Supremacist, anti-Semite who's word should never be allowed to be accepted in a court of law. Basically, Covington attempted to portray himself as a humble writer of fiction, doing his duty as an American citizen tearing down Nazi scum. The irony is, had Covington attended court, a win for Reverend Williams would have meant that Covington would have merely had to pay Court Costs - around $100 - as the truth was enough of a win for Creativity. The judge instead recognised the mendacity of Covington's letter, understood the libellous nature of Covington's filth, and Reverend Williams was awarded tens of thousands of dollars in compensation ... for which he has not yet been paid, and so has a reward out for anyone that can find Covington, who now lives much like a hobo in an effort to avoid paying Reverend Williams.

The moral is that if someone is prepared to libel you beyond a few insults and turns it into a major campaign to completely destroy your life, and you are capable of proving to the satisfaction of a court of law that everything they have said is a lie, then it behoves you to bring that ... person into a court of law and have them state their case. If then they are the type that cannot shut the hell up after they lose, then all it takes is the revelation of the court documents and any sane person will disregard the libellous fool for what he is.

In this case, Covington's letter to the judge is his own damnation. As for his sick, viral campaign against Founder Klassen, Reverend Williams and our Church in general, it is well known who Founder Klassen was and what his and our origins are. Apart from a few Christinsane, the only ones that pay attention to Covington these days are the ADL and the SPLC. Even those that read Covington's novels or buy into his Northwest scheme scam know that a lot of what Covington says is pure garbage.

Lastly: Could Reverend Williams at any time in the last twenty or so years hired a private detective to locate Covington and serve him with the court order to pay up or go directly to jail? The answer is, yes of course he could have; the man is no pauper. But why hasn't he done so? Because it is just as easy to have Covington squirm and live as a hobo for the rest of his life. Why waste money tracking Covington down when you can destroy him for free ... and still live with the possibility of a considerable payout if he's ever caught?


Edit - A Correction from Reverend Williams

You've got that partially right, Cailen, but allow me to respectfully correct you on a couple of points.

I'm no pauper, right, but far from rich. My wife and I live month to month on a fixed income from Social Security and Veterans Administration.

I answered and filed HAC's defamation claim against me and the P.M. back in 1989 myself, with no lawyer assisting. Nine years later, the attorney who eventually won the judgment took my case pro bono. He was a prince, and the only reason I was able to prevail after 18 months of HAC's Internet drama. I paid a PI $350 to surveil, then serve HAC prior to winning that defamation lawsuit.
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Re: Harold A. "Big Lie" Covington
« Reply #48 on: 04 November 2013 at 13:04 »
This is the main Creativity Religion essay by Ben Klassen dealing with the case against the North west option.

this is not to count out the case against Whites organically coalescing in places where they are safe and safe to raise families. I expect such a migration to be northwards to cooler climes in the USa . Even In south africa the whites are moving westwards because in the east they are outnumbered 25 to 1 (though I believe that the Zulus are less violent to white people in the North east than the Xhosa in the south east. In the west the whites are only outnumbered 4;1 and there is a gravity now towards the south west by the south African whites. This is s good move as the SW is strategically more defensible and capable of supporting an independent White state.

Here is an essay by reverend Keith supporting Ben Klassens original essay.

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Re: Harold A. "Big Lie" Covington
« Reply #49 on: 24 November 2013 at 23:20 »
With all due respect for you brothers and Covington's case notwithstanding, the idea of gathering the racially aware and probably genetically soundest of our race into the same space would give us an edge we simply don't have right now.  And I don't mean solely escaping the grips of the Jewish mental disease or mud tides, but also the hopeless masses of infected whites.  We cannot win a propaganda war in the current state of things.  I don't mean to be unnecessarily negative, both the future is more than grim right now and I see no light at the end of the tunnel.

And so I think the salvation of our race will come through a large gathering, or we will slowly wither away in wishful thinking.
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