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Author Topic: Off Grid, Back to Nature, Git' Off Muh Land

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Off Grid, Back to Nature, Git' Off Muh Land
« on: 24 October 2018 at 06:26 »
Off-Grid stuff is something I enjoy and possibly something you would be into.

Something to point out before this thread gets started...

----- Be Aware Of The Laws And Codes.

( Rural is key here.. The further away from civilization.. the less rules there are in that area.  You don't want to spend money building something just to find out you aren't allowed to.  So check first!)..

Ok...  so..  here is a link to a Brick Press..  you can make bricks out of dirt and 10% portland cement. You can just use dirt but... the cement makea them stabilized and more water proof.

Ok..  BTW..  that Permies site has a lot of good info.. 

Ok..  you got bricks..  Need cheap wood?  Look for free pallets. Call some places, Look on Craigslist, etc. I know a place that sells car windshields and they there are lots of free pallets.

No truck?  You can use straps and strap stuff to the hood of your sedan..  use a moving blanket to avoid scratches..  I wouldn't go  near or over 500 lbs..  but..  that's just me.. Eye ball it and remember wind will catches stuff.

Ok..  bricks..  wood..  umm.. Need a toilet..  Some folks do septic systems..  or Outlaw septic systems..  I think composting toilet is the way to go.  Use a bucket that can comfortably use those grocery bags..  het some pipe insulation and pit it on the rim as a toilet seat.. and tah dah.. cushion for your bottom..  don't pee.and poop in the same container. Just asking for trouble that way..  keep cover your poop covered with dirt.. not ash.m  some say saw dust but...  soils is better in my opinion.  you arnt just hiding smell..  you are breaking it down..  Ok..  poop bag full..  Take it to an area and keep it in monthly rows..  don't touch anything for 7 months..  I'd say do 10 rows and when you fill up 10 rows..  the oldest 3 are safe to use as fertilizer..  burn any remaining toilet paper that didn't break down.

Ok..  bricks.. wood..  toilet..   ok food.. 

Did you know field rat..   field mouse..  and many insects are edible?  Suuure..  go to the grocery store amd just BUY food..  But supplement with natural stuff..  Field mouse tastes the best.  just cook it umtil.the feet hair and tail burn off..  poke the belly to let the.juices out..  and when ready.. rip the head off and eat it all.. no.biggie.  Rat..  it's good..  cook it a little..  poke the belly and the intestings will start to come out.. rip that out along with the stomach..  and cook it until you can peel the skin off..   eat it like chicken.. most.of the organs taste.good.   Umm..   there's some good bites of meat on the face but you gotta work harder for that but..  kinda worth it LOL. 

Insects...  Cricket, Grass hopper, Beetle babies (meal worms) can all be farmed.  Of you want to the winter your farm containers can't go below 80 degrees ..  But ok..  So you got these bugs...  what do?  Ha Ha..  well..  you can use a dehydrator or Sun dry them..  then you use some mill / filters of various sizes to crumble them up and remove the exoskeleton because what you are after is the protine flour..   so you just sift if through the screens (food grade screens..  not mom and dads screen door screens..  those have a coating you probably dont want in your food)..   Oh..  the shells are edible but you know... "presentation" and "processing"..  I mean  technically you could just throw them bad boys on a salad and call dinner done but.....  ok anyway... crumble bug..  remove shell..  got bug flour..   lucky you..  high in protine..  low in fat..  processed easier by the body..  almost as if...  this is what you were designed to eat. Well..  you got this flour..  but..  not a lot..  takes a lot of bugs to make a biscuit.  Soooooooo..  mix it with some other flour and now you have just increased the nutritional value of that bleached white flour which...  I'm not sure how nutritional that is but..  bug flour.. good..  try to buy it.. see how expensive it is.  You can get that for you..  Free!

I  want to talk about parasites a moment since we are talking about wild.foods.  Rat..  mouse.. snake..  small animals.  when you cook it. they are small enough where the heat SHOULD kill everything if you cook it long enough. When you get into bigger animals..  Pick through your meat after its cooked.  what you are looking for is worms..  if they are there. you will see them.. Also..  look at the organs..  you don't want something where the lungs look art bumpy at the top..  I'm talking about tuberculosis..  so..  just look for parasites..  If you find some..  you can manually remove them and cook the meat more.. Eating a.dead parasite ismt going to hurt you.... its dead.   but yeah.. parasite and illness warning. 

Ok..  Bricks.. wood..  toilet..  food.. ..

Lets talk water..  You can get "raw water" which is in processed..   or spring water..  purified water..  tap water  whatevermm  as long as you are getting water.  Be careful when drinking ground water.  It might be contamimated.  Agricultural runoff is a worry.  Also..   some wells habe arsenic in them..  so be careful.. Its out there. Sure.  filters..  but..  arsenic filters.can ne pricey.. 

You will want to recapture some water You use.  you can use sand and dirt as a.filter..  have a water tote connected to several pvc tubes filled with dirt..  and going to another tote.  6 feet of dirt makes for a good filter. Put dirty water in 1 tote..  it goes through the PVC filters..  clean water comes out to the other tote. Need it faster? You need to add more PVC filters because this method is Sssllloooowwwww...  bit requires the least amount of.maintenance.

But yes..  try to recapture your water.. If you don't use it for drinking you can still use it for doing laundry.. dishes..  bathing...  etc.

Grey water is a term for water that has been used..  with work it.can ne returned to "potable" status..

Black water....probably not worth saving..  heavy contamination.. would strain a filter..  probably best to toss it..

Conditioner and grease and fancy shampoos can be hell on filters. They make biodegradable stuff but of you want that fancy shampoo and conditioner...  its going to mean maintenance on your filters sooner..  Could.end up getting anaerobic bacteria in your.filter and when it becomes airated you.will smell rotten eggs but it will smell fine otherwise..   You can backwash the filters..  or..  its just dirt..  get fresh.dirt or put it in a bhcket with clean water.. stir it good. give a bit of time to let it settle..  dump the "black water".

That should do the trick.. 

There is a lot more to cover but.  we got Bricks, wood, toilet, food, and water covered.. That should be enough to get you through "Survive" until things improve and you make it to "Thrive"..

Post links..  tips..  etc.. 

Get the harbor freight coupon app...

umm.  Apps to look for cheap gas.

You can buy single dose "preservative free" vaccines.

solar power systems with dead batteries still work during the day.. they just dont hold a charge..

If your shelter is partially underground, be aware of water flow.

  so much more..  that's all.for now.
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