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Author Topic: Signing Up: I Didn't Get the Confirmation Email

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Signing Up: I Didn't Get the Confirmation Email
« on: 29 December 2012 at 01:41 »
The Question: Is it Creator Forum Admin who send out the confirmation/verification emails to prove you are whom you say you are, or is it an automated process handled by Creator Forum software? The process is an automated one, therefore you should receive your confirmation/verification email within minutes of signing up to Creator Forum.

The Reason: But I didn't get the confirmation/verification email! is also common reply. The reason for that is because your email account is discarding emails from as "spam," "junk" or "trash." The usual culprit of this is Yahoo Mail, but others do much the same. The reason for Yahoo and other mail supplier's rejection of mails is nothing personal against Creativity, it is simply over-sensitive mail settings. Yahoo reject mail from most non-Yahoo accounts, while readily accepting known junk from within their own network.

The Solution: Change your email settings to a less sensitive option, and add * to the White-List, and send an email to detailing your Username and date of registration on Creator Forum so that your account can be manually activated.
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