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Emojis Added to the Forum


You should be able to see the emojis by default in your computer web browser and phone. If you want an addon designed specifically for computer browsers, then go to and add whatever you need.

‍‍💩 P.O.S.
🤠 Cowboy
🏃🏿 Running Nigger Target

Use Font Size to set the emoji size:

--- Code: ---[size=16pt]🏃🏿[/size]
--- End code ---

And don't forget that there is an entire range of Unicode Symbols: 卐 卍 - ϟϟ

More information at

Smilies in the forum have been updated so that they all match in size and style - no matter where they are.

A new Smiley has been added: The OK Sign  :ok

And don't forget the Smilies that you can only find if you hit [more] in the Quick Reply or the Post window:
:rahowa :kike :hitler :dog :monkey :obama :rage :cowboy :-[ :sick :alien =)) :LMWAO

Most of our Smilies were taken from an old version of a Messenger program that was used about 18 years ago. Others were grabbed as is from other sites, or were put together by Creators.


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